Shoe Love

 Hi Everyone
 Happy Monday

Don't  you
 these adorable vintage shoes
  Vintage bronze baby shoes are hard for me to pass up at any sale
It was very popular in the late 40's early 50's to bronze your child's first pair of shoes
a traditional way to preserve  the memory of your babies first steps
Some bronzing company's even date back to the late 30's
It is becoming popular again to bronze babies shoes
but did you know you don't have to just bronze shoes?
You can bronze almost anything
 the idea of bronzing a baseball or 
 a football
If you don't like the bronze patina
 there are many other options including
 gold, silver, pewter
 even porcelain
These bronze baby shoes were our
 Son and our Daughter's
 very first walking shoes
I aged them by polishing them with lemon juice
which took off part of the shine
You may ask why we only had one shoe bronzed
I lost one of the shoes for our son
{how it disappeared is still a mystery}
 so we just did one for each of them
Can you guess which shoe belonged to our daughter and which one belonged to our son?
I recently found these bronzed baby shoe bookends
It is fun to imagine who they once belonged too
They are so cute
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romantic saying for today
 "I prize thy Love more than whole mines of Gold"
Anne Bradstreet



  1. Interesting!! The shoes are precious !

  2. I want! Where can you get this done??

  3. I love bronzed baby shoes too! I have one of my mom's bronzed baby shoes, and it's sitting on a side table in my living room.
    I am a new follower. I was reading your info, and found we have a LOT in common. I too am a So Cal former flight attendant, and I adore white ironstone!
    So happy to have found your pretty blog!
    Have a great week!

  4. HI Pam, I bronzed my first sons shoes in the 80s...and they really are darling to have as a memento. I like the other ideas you showed of what to bronze too!

  5. I NEED to bronze my boys' shoes!


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