Living Your Dream

Hi Everyone
 Happy Monday

Are you living your Dream
A dear blog friend is
Amy from Maison Decor
Amy is extremely hardworking and
and super Talented 
She has just signed a lease on her dream "opening up a store"
 the drawing she did of her shop above
Amy is taking us all with her on her journey

Congratulations Amy !!!!!
So excited and happy for you
Please visit her blog Maison Decor and join in the adventure
Debi is another super talented friend 
who is also Living her dream
Debi  owns a fabulous shop in
Solana Beach called
Vintage Home formerly known as Out of the Blue
Debi's dream is to be on a design show, she has come close a few times
Here is her audition tape for a 
new  HGTV design show called the  
White Box Challenge
Debi is  very hardworking and super talented
Debi wrote, directed, starred, filmed and even edited her own audition tape
I told you she is talented
 Congratulations Debi !!!
 your audition tape

I admire both of these women for their vision, passion , hard  work
and dedication to make their dreams come true
If you were to live your dream what would it be?

romantic saying for today
"Love taught me to believe in happily ever after"



  1. You are an encourager Pam and a blessing

  2. I am actually living my dream (most days) ;P IT is encouraging to see these women actually "take the next step." That is what I *need* to do....find the courage to take the next step.


  3. I am so happy for Amy! I just know her shop is going to be a success! Hurray for women following their dreams!


  4. What awesome stories of women following there dreams..awesome post.

  5. dreamin big...;) thanks for the visit and the sweet note!

  6. Wow, I love that you honored me here Pam! So sweet~all i find is more encouragement and supportive women in blogland than any other place around~its so great.


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