White Tree Seat

Hi Everyone
 Happy Wednesday
This fabulous vintage  wrought iron tree seat
 sits in our circle drive way 
it is wrapped around a pretty blue Jacaranda tree
Its funny how much we use this seat 
When I found it I was at a garage sale 
My heart skipped a beat I knew exactly where I was going to put the seat I could see it sitting around the tree in the drive way
 but I was told  the bench was already
the lady was coming back to pick it up
{ it is very heavy}
I gave the seller my number for some reason
 just in case the lady did not show up?
So I came home and looked online for a tree seat to put around the tree 
 This  white wooden tree seat from amazon.com
was pretty

This one from  Living Quarters  was beautiful
I imagined it painted white

Then magically I got a call
the lady who was going to pick up the seat
changed her mind
 I was in the car so fast
It is the perfect combination of vintage white and rust

it was meant to be here
I have learned to leave my number just in case  
Has this ever happened to you

linking for White Wednesday

romantic saying for today
"Loving you is such great fortune like breathing a rare sweet fragrance"



  1. I love it when things work out that way. What a great tree seat; looks like vintage lace surrounded by lovely flowers.



  2. Beautiful seat and it looks great in the flower bed. Leaving your number is ALWAYS a great idea, you never know what is going to happen....

  3. WOW! talk about second chances!!! how fab you got that call!

  4. It's awesome, Pam - good score, lady!! If you haven't you should share that with White Wednesday linky party - not mine, but one of my favs to peruse.

  5. Can't believe I found your post about tree seats when I was just thinking of one yesterday. I remember seeing this vintage wrought iron type years ago. It's so fabulous and looks great around your tree. Enjoy!

  6. Lucky you! How perfect. Lovely!

  7. Your seats around the tree are the perfect additon to your entry to your home.


  8. Lucky you, because this is fantastic pretty.


  9. how lucky can one yard sale person get? I have never left my name and number just in case, but i am going to start doing that, usually if they pay for an item they will pick it up.

    it looks so good in your drive

  10. A day full of things that were just meant to be. Grand!

  11. I have gotten a call back too! It's always a good idea! Especially on something so gorgeous. It's in the perfect state of vintage.

  12. LOVE this, Pam!! It was meant to be yours! :)

    xoxo laurie

  13. I love benches like this one! I'vebeen admiring them for some time now, but the new ones can be very costly. I'll have to put one on my yard sale list for this year! Looks great! Hugs, Leena

  14. Your front garden is so pretty, Pam. I know you enjoy your round bench!


  15. Well that was meant to be and I think it was the perfect pick.

  16. love it! i remember my dad putting one of these out to the trash years ago....oh how i wish i had it now!!

  17. I love your seat...so happy you got the call! Just found your lovely blog...I will be spending some time here! Have a beautiful day! xok

  18. I LOVE your white painted cast iron tree seat. I wonder if it is Victorian? Anyhow, I need one asap :-) as I have the perfect spot in my garden. Let me know if you see anything like it or similar. Many thanks! Loi in DC


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