Fall Bulbs

Hi Everyone
Happy Friday

Don't you just love the play on words
Fall here in California has been mild
When it get's a little chilly at night 
 I get so excited I  grab my sweater and boots

 Then it turns 85 again the next day
I saw this today and giggled
Fall is wonderful but today I  was wondering where fall is

The leaves are starting to fall
in the front yard

a few leaves

It is getting darker earlier at night

There are pumpkins everywhere
but it just did not feel like fall until

 Today I saw the
paperwhite bulbs
popping up

Now it feels like fall

~It's wonderful fall~
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romantic saying for today
"Come live in my heart and pay no rent"
Samuel Lover



Vintage White Mirror

Hi Everyone
Happy Wednesday

A friend came over yesterday 
she said she wanted to see our Halloween mantel but instead
She asked me to leave for a few hours so she could 
shake things up a little at our house

I left to get groceries wondering what I
was going to come home too

 I walked in the front door and fell in
I knew she always wanted to move this
~vintage white mirror~

I was so surprised that the mirror looked good there
I thought it might be too

It looks so pretty and
just look at the beautiful reflection in the mirror

She even added a few
white roses
to the pink bouquet she knows me so well
the way she shook things up I am grateful for such a wonderful friend
now its my turn to shake things up at her house I can't wait !!!
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romantic saying for today
" Love opens not only your heart but your eyes to the beauty in the world"



Halloween Mantel

 Hi Everyone
Happy Tuesday

The Lettered Cottage is having a mantel party today
Because I am not a big orange fan
I loved using white pumpkins to decorate the mantel last year
I wrote BOO with a black sharpie
 The great part about these pumpkins was I kept them up for Thanksgiving too
I just turned them around and hid the BOO
It still looked cute and
 lasted a long time
I like this years mantel even more

This years mantel does not have any pumpkins but it still says
I used a glitter B initial and 2 Gatorade bottle tops to add the orange color
{and recycle too}
 Also stacked a few more
~vintage mirrors~
to add more reflection
  I grabbed some oranges from the fruit basket
they smell great 
A glittery  reflective Halloween mantel
that I did not spend a dime this year on decorating for Halloween
be sure and join in the
It's Fall Y'all party
The Lettered Cottage 
A Bowl Full of Lemons

romantic saying for today
"Where ever you are you are my first star your wish my only command"
Charles Ghigna



Red Roses for Love

 Hi Everyone
Happy Monday

These little red roses and the wax flower branches
make a pretty bouquet
I am a  pink and white rose girl but my handsome husband picked these for me
 from our garden
{Love that man of mine}
We inherited 2 red rose bushes  when we bought this house

We were going to remove the red roses
to have our garden full of whites and pinks
I am so grateful we kept them they have the most amazing fragrance and
The meaning of red roses is passion and

Our buffet was covered with delicious food this weekend for a dinner party
a favorite treat was this amazing mango tart
it taste even better than it looks
fresh mango and cream fraiche

It is wonderful to eat dinner in the dining room
the newly painted vintage china cabinet was a big hit
and so special to have  family and friends all  together
A sweet friend brought us
these pretty pink roses 
~so thoughtful~

  the language of flowers
Pink roses mean Grace and Appreciation and White roses mean Purity and Heaven

The shells are back in the the
punch bowl

Such a fun weekend
I hope your weekend was
filled with great food, pretty flowers and family and friends

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romantic saying for today
"Our task must be to free ourselves by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature and its beauty"
Albert Einstein



Rusty Charm

 Hi Everyone
Happy Friday

This vintage milk bottle is a Texas treasure
the  rusty handle
perfect for hanging a flower by the front door

 Our hydrangea bush is still blooming
This year we were lucky to have more blue blooms than pink
some are even pink and blue
such a pretty combination
There is something fabulous about the
combination of flowers and a little rust

Our blue hydrangeas remind me of our God Families
home in Martha's Vineyard
so beautiful

I have been cutting the flowers and putting them everywhere in the house
This large vintage milk bottle is perfect for
a hydrangea it is large and holds a lot of water

The handle worked perfect

With of all of the blue hydrangeas in the house
I brought in this
french watering can it is the perfect shade of blue too
My Fall decorating
{no orange for me}

Fun to bring a few  flowers from the garden into the house
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romantic saying for today
"Loving and being loved is our true destiny"



Vintage Truck

Hi Everyone
Happy Thursday

Most women  will not look at this vintage truck and sigh
This is my secret fantasy 
driving around town in my cool vintage Chevy step side pick up truck

Getting groceries and
finding vintage treasures
having  enough room in the back for all of the big stuff

 because I am only  5'5 
{5'4 and 1/2}
the little side step


{It's fun to dream}
 Pinterest is fun too

Thank You all for your sweet comments on the vintage hutch 
I am so grateful for each and every one of you 

romantic saying for today
"For Love is Heaven and Heaven is Love"
Sir Walter Scott



Vintage White Hutch

 Hi Everyone
Happy Wednesday

This little hutch has stolen my heart
Here is the before picture
 I was going to paint it gray 
I painted the sides to see
how it looked with gray on one side
  white on the other

 The hutch just came alive with the white paint
the contrast of the gray walls and the white furniture
 So grateful that this vintage piece 
did not end up at the dump
Before and after
It turned out so crisp and clean

This little hutch has so many little details
 and a romantic feel to it
I can't quite put my finger on why
maybe it is the petite size
 I am off to buy new pulls and a handle for the drawer
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romantic saying for today
"Let Love be your greatest aim"
1Corinthians 14:1



DIY Firepit

 Hi Everyone
Happy Tuesday
This is our DIY fire pit in the backyard

Super easy to make
We went to RCP which is a local stone company  
 they let you set up the fire pit right there with them 
then you disassemble and load up your truck
and then re~ assemble it at home
 You can make it any size you like 
my only wish is that we built the fire pit years ago
we have been having so much fun with it
We thought we would leave the metal fire ring inside
but we took it out the first fire and its been out ever since

There is something wonderful about 
sitting around a fire at night all together
talking and laughing 
The fire has become our new entertainment
Friends came over last night we played 
guitars, tambourines,harmonicas and sang
roasting marshmallows and eating smores

It looks prettier at night
Now I find myself looking forward to the earlier evenings and the cool nip in the air
I feel a little bit like a survivor contestant
Can she make a fire?
Yes she can
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romantic saying for today
"The best thing to hold onto in life is each other"
Audrey Hepburn




Hi Everyone
Happy Monday

 Patience has its rewards
I have been watching 
{really over fertilizing and watering}
 this little white potato vine

 It has a special spot by our front door

how the little vines are trailing up to these
miss ~matched
rusty  metal plant holders
and the French Lavabo

This little white vine is sitting in a vintage bucket we found in Texas
It looks right at home
So grateful that the potato vine is growing...

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romantic saying for today
"Your song sings in me even when you are away"
Charles Ghigna