Vintage Truck

Hi Everyone
Happy Thursday

Most women  will not look at this vintage truck and sigh
This is my secret fantasy 
driving around town in my cool vintage Chevy step side pick up truck

Getting groceries and
finding vintage treasures
having  enough room in the back for all of the big stuff

 because I am only  5'5 
{5'4 and 1/2}
the little side step


{It's fun to dream}
 Pinterest is fun too

Thank You all for your sweet comments on the vintage hutch 
I am so grateful for each and every one of you 

romantic saying for today
"For Love is Heaven and Heaven is Love"
Sir Walter Scott



  1. You are not the only one who wants to have an old truck like that. ME TOO! My brother has one and I do plan on getting it from him one day, and it is already white.

  2. I scour the want adds and craiglist all the time for vintage trucks!

  3. I am one of the rare women who adore vintage trucks like you!
    (instead I'm not able to distinguish one car from another, and I like only the vintage ones...)
    Have a nice day

  4. Me, too! Me, too! I want the non-deluxe cab with the small window in back with the eyebrow over the windshield. I used to think bright yellow with just the right adornment of orange and purple flames...but now maybe white or cream. There is one in my town and I just light up when see it! Is this a SO-CAL thing? Any-which-way! You Nailed It!

  5. There is an old blue one for sale near me...I have been hinting like crazy to my husband. My birthday is coming up soon!

  6. Yes! i love them too! i've been seeing so many around here lately - aren't they just dreamy! Happy Birthday - hoping you get what your wishing for! xoxo, tracie

  7. LOL, Pam, I could *so* see you toodling around in one of these! But it needs to be white to match your cute little cottage.

  8. I understand Pam, I had that desire too, and 8 years ago I got one! I bought it on Ebay for $7,500. and i named her Lucille (well my dad did) Mine is like the Blue one , the 2nd one, but i dont have white wall tires yet. I hope you get one, they are a lot of fun, just have a mechanic check them out first. Im thinking of having mine painted a pale pink or tiffany blue this summer!


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