Vintage White Mirror

Hi Everyone
Happy Wednesday

A friend came over yesterday 
she said she wanted to see our Halloween mantel but instead
She asked me to leave for a few hours so she could 
shake things up a little at our house

I left to get groceries wondering what I
was going to come home too

 I walked in the front door and fell in
I knew she always wanted to move this
~vintage white mirror~

I was so surprised that the mirror looked good there
I thought it might be too

It looks so pretty and
just look at the beautiful reflection in the mirror

She even added a few
white roses
to the pink bouquet she knows me so well
the way she shook things up I am grateful for such a wonderful friend
now its my turn to shake things up at her house I can't wait !!!
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romantic saying for today
" Love opens not only your heart but your eyes to the beauty in the world"



  1. Oh how fun to have come by and do this...looks stunning!!


    PS-have a blast playing at her nest:)

  2. sounds like fun!! i like the mirror up there, but where did the martha's vineyard picture go!!?

  3. Looks awesome!!! I love the reflection of the chandelier-just beautiful!

  4. You are blessed with a wonderful friend!

  5. That mirror was meant to be there....just gorgeous!

  6. What a dear friend - and you're so trusting! The mirror looks fantastic along with the roses!
    Visiting via White Wednesday!

  7. This is exactly what my sister does for me. She loves to "fluff" around my house and I always love to come home to the changes she had made. So fun!


  8. Pam, your friend has a great eye. I know she will be pleasantly surprised for how you mix things up at her house!

  9. How sweet. Funny, every year when I visit my girlfriend for the weekend I always end up redecorating her mantel. Sometimes it is fun to see how someone else who knows you so well rearranges your stuff. I love the mirror and it it looks great in the new spot.

  10. Hi Pam, What a fun thing to do with a friend! Would love to see what you do at her house :).
    ~ Julie

  11. Pam- I just found your blog and have had such a great time reading it thus far! Saw this post and had to comment on the great idea of shaking up a friend's home. I am always helping others with their homes. Would love for someone to come over and send me away and do something different with mine! Such a great idea.

    I'm following you now!

    bee blessed


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