Welcome 2011

Hi Everyone,
Are you ready for the New Year?
Today is one of my favorite days of the year

The last few days of December I have a tradition of

Trying on all the clothes in my closet

yes you read that right ....

the clothes and shoes too
It is so much fun to find items I forgot I even had
as well as get rid of anything that does not fit or I just haven't worn in a year.

I LOVE to do this with my daughter
who has great taste
She is completely honest with me if things really do look good or not
That is the key, her brutal honesty
{Out with the old and in with the new}
This year I am inspired by Ralph Laurens new line with a lot of white lace and suede
I wrote about this back in November
but I also found this old vintage sewing pattern
Love these outfits so classic
look at the hair
very Jackie O
I might have to try sewing this new year

I hope you all have a fun, safe and wonderful New Year
Welcome 2011

What is your New Years tradition?
Please leave me a note
I would love to know



Vintage White Kitchen

to this quiet little corner in my kitchen
It is Vintage Bead board beautiful
When we were redoing the kitchen everyone told me not to use bead board
{because dirt gets in the grooves and it is hard to keep clean}
but I was determined to bead board as much as possible
to give the kitchen its vintage warmth and texture
I love all the grooves
Love to sit here when I talk on the phone

I have been collecting buttons all year and recently started putting them in these vintage jars
They are old Hoosier Coffee and Tea glass jars
Love their tin tops

they are wonderful for storage and

the grooves on the jars mimic the grooves on the bead board

Where do you store your buttons?

Now that the Christmas decorations are beginning to go back up in the rafters
the house is looking so
clean and crisp
It is amazing how beautiful simple can be

Live with what you LOVE and get rid of the rest...

Happy White Wednesday


A little Grace

Hi Everyone
This is such a beautiful image of Grace Kelly
I have been reading her biography.
What a fabulous book
{ What an Amazing life }
There is something so serene about Grace In every picture
She is class and elegance personified
I Love that she carried a little white Bible when she got married
I did too!!!!
Love old Hollywood glamour, Love all of her movies
Love Monte Carlo too
We took a tour of the Palace when we were there
and we went to the Casino
which felt very Hollywood to me
almost like a movie set come to life
I have enjoyed reading this book so much
Biographies are my favorite
I wish someone would make a film about her life
Who would you cast to play Grace?
I haven't made up my mind yet who could play her
She left big shoes to fill
I hope you are all staying safe and warm
maybe curled up with a good book by the fire
Happy Tuesday


It's Vintage Cold

Hi Everyone...
How was your Christmas?
Our Christmas was filled with magic
filled with Love, filled with family, friends and yummy food
So grateful for all of God's Blessings
Blessings of abundance, health,family and friends and most of all
Christ ♥
I wanted to show you a last minute addition to our tree
It has been cold here in California and this vintage cold porcelain
handle seem to fit right in on the tree this year
I hope your Christmas was filled with a little magic and alot of love


Theres no place like HOME

Hi Sweet Friends
*God Bless Our Home* and Your Home too
Christmas is the time for comfort, for good food and warmth,
for the touch of a loved ones hand
and for a whispered talk beside a fire
it is the time for
{ HOME }
There is no place like Home
The cookies baking in the kitchen
the smell of the Christmas tree
Christmas carols on the radio
stockings hung by the fire
Family and Friends stopping by
no place I would rather be
Merry Christmas Eve


*White Wednesday DIY Wreath*

Hello Everyone
Can You Believe it is Wednesday already?
Are you feeling creative? I have a fun DIY project for you
I just love this
Christmas wreath

and it is so easy to make
all you need is
one pre made straw wreath
2 yards gauzy ribbon
you wrap the straw wreath with the ribbon
2 cups of buttons and a hot glue gun
you glue the buttons to the ribbon

The Buttons do not have to be old

*Happy White Wednesday*

Merry Merry Merry Merry Christmas

It is still raining here

perfect weather for a DIY project
Singing Christmas Carols all afternoon
(and glueing my fingers to almost everything else but the buttons)
has filled us all with Christmas
If you are traveling this holiday please drive, fly, safely..

Famiy Christmas Traditions

Last night was a special night for our family
Every year we collect toys for the children at Children's Hospital
{this was our 18th year} and then we get to drop the toys off at the hospital
Now that our Children are older it fills my heart to see them getting into the act of caring for others Even in this very small and simple way
We all come home filled with the
JOY of giving
I am Grateful
Grateful for our family Christmas traditions baking cookies (Grandmothers recipe)
Living Nativity
Ice Skating at the Hotel del Coronado
Christmas Eve Church service
I hope you are getting into the spirit of Christmas and enjoying your family traditions
I think we might need to build an Ark here in California it has been raining so much
The plants are HAPPY for all the rain and
I am so glad those Red Wellies are on my Christmas list
Feeling the {magic} of Christmas ?
Happy Tuesday


Words to Live By

Hi Everyone
this is the 70's skylight
in my kitchen
Excitement is in the air today.......

I found this picture in Veranda magazine a few days ago and almost jumped out of my chair

Look at the fabulous words around the skylight opening

I love this idea

Another kindred spirit who has a 70's house to deal -{I mean}- be creative with..

So we have been trying to decide what words to put up on our skylight opening



I have let all of the family chime in on their choices

Bon Appetite is a favorite as well as LOVE and Grateful

I also like Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme

There are four areas we can write on

Which brings me to my question of the day

Which four words would you choose?
Leave me a note with your ideas




A Joy filled Christmas

Do You have friends in your life that inspire you?
My sweet friend Malvina is an inspiration to everyone she meets.
She is one of the most beautiful, divine, obedient to the Lord, friends that I am Blessed to know
and she overflows with artistic talent
I am Blessed by her friendship
Her etsy shop is filled with her beautiful creations
click here to take a peek
All her creations are Treasures

This LOVE bracelet is one of her Bible verse inspired pieces

These treasures are made by hand with quality sterling silver and real fresh water pearls. Each distinctive piece comes with a Bible verse and a adorable green and white polka dotted bag that is coveted like the turquoise Tiffany bag among all her friends

All of her jewelry and paintings ( yes she paints too)
would make the most thoughtful gifts for


or for any occasion.

I am a happy Mommy

Our daughter comes Home from Texas today and I will finally have all my
ducklings in the pond
{at home}
I am so grateful
and filled with JOY
Happy Friday


* Christmas Tree Candle Holders*

* Silver tin tree clip candle holders*

So Many of you have asked me where I find the
vintage Christmas tree candle holders that I collect
and I have to tell you I found some tin silver tree clips at the Etsy shop of

*Faded Plains*
They are in great condition and a fab buy for only $16.00
These clips are a great idea for someone who might want to start a collection and
they would
also make a wonderful gift.
I have alot of these clips so they can be yours
It is so fun finding pretty new blogs and blogshops to shop in.....
Happy Shopping


*White Wednesday Christmas*

It is so fun adding a little red to our kitchen for


Of coarse there is a lot of WHITE
so the
looks bright and cheerful
and a little like a candy cane

I was going to decorate with only silver and white this year but something was missing

now it feels more like Christmas

One of my favorite Gifts last year were these adorable
White ruffled edge cake stands from Williams and Sonoma
They are a fabulous last minute gift idea
They come in three different sizes and range in price from $42 to $52 dollars
They fit right in with all of my White Ironstone
Do You have a favorite gift you gave or received last year?

I ♥ Christmas

Happy White Wednesday

I am linking up with Kathleen for White Wednesday


stop by and take a peek at all of the


only 10 more days until Christmas

A Big Thank You to all of you who commented about my vintage French cone ornaments

seems they could have been used as wedding favors filled with jordan almonds?

How Divine




Vintage Christmas Ornaments

*Happy Monday*
We started decorating the tree tonight
Here is a close up of one of our vintage
Christmas tree candle holders

This silver tin Santa is one of my favorites

It is from Germany and has the standard branch tree clip

It is in such great condition and even with all the detail it is light as a feather

Now for the mystery ornaments

When we were in France I found 12 of these card board cones with holes in them and a string hanger on the top

I am really not sure what they are for

I originally thought they were for the Christmas tree

to put candy in or flowers


I put them on the tree

I would love to have you help me solve this mystery..

If you have any ideas what their real purpose is please let me know

Is it really a ornament for the tree?

Is it for Candy or flowers?

are the holes just decoration?


We are on the count down only

4 more days until our daughter comes home from college......

and only 12 more days until





Christmas Decorating

Life is what happens when you are making other plans
this entire weekend was filled with places to be and people to see
I was going to go visit Robyn at Magnolia Creek and co Atelier on Saturday and today after Church I was going to put up the Christmas tree (decorate it too) and bake cookies for the Teachers
How was your weekend?
Even though this weekend went by way too fast it
was filled with such Amazing Grace.
Our son played in another baseball tournament
and they made it all the way to the semi finals.
That meant 2 games Saturday and 3 games today starting at 7 am
It was the most gorgeous weather here 88ish
and even though there are a million zillion things I planned to do I was proud and
to sit in the sun and watch the team
and our son play with such passion and talent

So when we got home tonight I decorated the buffet in the dining room

actually the lights were placed in the punch bowl by accident but what a cute idea

and we got the Christmas tree up in the living room

No lights or ornaments yet on the tree

but we can get to that later I am grateful


a wonderful weekend filled with joy and love and lots of baseball memories

The lights in the old glass punchbowl are just so pretty

Remember to be grateful for the day the Lord has planned for you




Congratulations Magnolia Creek & Co Atelier

Congratulations are in order for my talented friend
owner of
Magnolia Creek and Co Atelier
*Happy Anniversary*
17 years
You can visit Robyn today in Valley Center
(it is worth the drive)
or call for a private showing when you have the time
You will love Robyn and you will love her treasures

We are planning a trip to the ice skating rink at the Hotel Del Coronado tonight
What a fun and beautiful way to skate off some calories from the cookies I ate yesterday
I was baking and I had to test each batch to be sure they were Yummy LOL
Please tell me I am not the only one who does this?
Happy Saturday
Only 14 more days until


French Christmas tree fun

You all know how much I love Sharon at

My French Country Home

I was so thrilled to get a chance to interview her last month
and get a glimpse of her life in France
the interview can be found on the side bar to the right

I am so excited to let you know she is having a Christmas tree

linky party.

Be sure and visit her blog

and link a picture of your

Christmas tree.

It is easy and fun to do and you will get to see all of the amazing and beautifully

decorated trees


Since you are blog visiting take a peek at Lulu"s fabulous interview with

Fifi ONeil
and learn about her new book
Romantic Prairie Style
at DustyLu
Happy Friday


Christmas Wish List

Aren't these adorable wellies?
you can buy them here

It doesn't rain much in California but...
They are on my wish list

What is on your list?

Here is my inspiration picture for our

Christmas morning breakfast table

So clean and crisp and beautiful

And here is the inspiration picture for our back patio lights
so much to do I feel so....

B.. is for buying presents

U.. is for up early to wrap

S.. is for shopping for food

Y.. is for Yikes its almost Christmas

It is a busy time of year and it is also so much fun

remember to stay

G is for God

R is for Renewal

A is for Anointed

T is for Truth

E is for Eternal

F is for Faith

U is for United

L is for Love




White Wednesday Snowmen

When my kids were 8 and 5 (11 years ago)
I bought no bake clay at Micheal's and we made snowmen
It was so fun
Here they are making angels in the snow
we were in Telluride Colorado that year for Christmas
skiing, sledding, ice skating
fabulous memories

Here the snowmen are on display this year
sitting in a crystal bowl of sugar snow

They both worked hard on their designs we walked for an hour outside ( it was a winter wonderland ) finding just the right branches for the arms then designing the tiny hats
My daughters snowman on the left has the best carrot nose
My sons on the right has very straight branch arms for birds to sit

* Christmas *

would not be complete without these
snowmen on display
Happy White Wednesday

Are you making memories ?

only 17 days until