Vintage White Kitchen

to this quiet little corner in my kitchen
It is Vintage Bead board beautiful
When we were redoing the kitchen everyone told me not to use bead board
{because dirt gets in the grooves and it is hard to keep clean}
but I was determined to bead board as much as possible
to give the kitchen its vintage warmth and texture
I love all the grooves
Love to sit here when I talk on the phone

I have been collecting buttons all year and recently started putting them in these vintage jars
They are old Hoosier Coffee and Tea glass jars
Love their tin tops

they are wonderful for storage and

the grooves on the jars mimic the grooves on the bead board

Where do you store your buttons?

Now that the Christmas decorations are beginning to go back up in the rafters
the house is looking so
clean and crisp
It is amazing how beautiful simple can be

Live with what you LOVE and get rid of the rest...

Happy White Wednesday

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  1. You are right, have put away my decorations, and the home looks clean and crisp again (I hope). Your kitchen looks lovely. Happy New Year


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