Happy White Wednesday

It is time to mark your calenders and watch your clocks we are starting the countdown for the Olivenhain Grove Sale.
Over 30 fabulous vendors are getting ready to bring you their one of a kind hard to find treasures. Leading up to the sale I will be introducing you to these talented women who will be joining in the fun. It is an exciting and busy time.The little white blossoms on the lemon trees smell so pretty and will be the perfect location for you to spend the day. I cant wait to see you all there.Be sure and save the date and tell your friends April 30th and May 1st.


Polka Dotted Easter Fun

This is such a cute and easy idea. You just adhere zot dots to the hard boiled eggs in a random fashion and then cover the eggs with colored sugar or glitter.Dust off the excess with a small paint brush or a paper towel if you are lazy like me and you have polka dotted Easter eggs.
So adorable and so easy to make. I love Easter it is my favorite holiday.
Usually we are at our Kauai house and we go to the early Service at the
Wai oli Hui la Church. So fun to try and sing hymns in Hawaiian. Then off to Hanalei Bay to jump off the pier. This year our oldest is away at College and our son is playing Varsity baseball and has a tournament so Kauai will have to be later in the year.I am having so much fun decorating the house. Gorgeous flowers and yummy treats. It is going to be a fun and God filled day.


La Maison Rustiques new store

Here are some of the treasures I found this morning at La Maison Rustiques new industrial location. It is called the Urban Barn and What a great and talented group of Ladies. Every spot was filled with beauty.
It was so much fun. Wonderful one of a kind treasures. I scored the big white enamelware pitcher from Linda. I LOVELOVELOVE it. It is on my dining room table looking so pretty. It fits right in. The little pink purse was a must have too.
Be sure and check it out this weekend. See if you can find the hanging bed????
The address is 155 Crest Street Escondido Ca 92025
P.S. I am still working on the cabinet I promise I will show you when its done.


Happy White Wednesday

I can't believe how fast this week is going. The weather has been gorgeous and I have spring fever. I seem to lose all track of time. I was in the garden this morning looking at the little baby cantaloupe in awe. The birds were singing the roses are in bloom.I am grateful.
This is the sweetest white cabinet and was the inspiration for the one I bought at Matildas a few months ago. I have mine in my bedroom. I really love the scale and the amount of treasures I can store in one place.Of coarse I have mine filled with ironstone pitchers, old victoria magazines and books, books, books.Today I am going to try and capture the white on white in this picture , I will show you the before and after pic's so you can see if I was successful.
Wish me Luck.


Rachel Ashwell is coming to Vignettes

I am excited that Vignettes is hosting Rachel Ashwell on April 10. Gail and I went to to meet her at Blue Springs Home and she is so down to earth and really nice. It was fun to see how she staged the event. She had a fabulous ruffled tablecloth and 4 lovely vintage floral pins pinned to the table. She stood for hours next to the table signing books and talking with each person. Very one on one. Don't miss this opportunity to meet her. I am going to invite her to the Olivenhain Grove Sale April 30th and May 1. It is going to be a Fabulous event. Up to 30 vendors selling one of a kind treasures.


The Flowers find a place to sit

Thank you to so many of you who send me pictures of your decorating ideas with white ironstone. You are all so talented and I get inspired by the way you show case ironstone in your homes.

Here is a picure from a friend in Australia.

I LOVELOVELOVE the blue chair with the white ironstone and the flowers. It just looks like spring and feels like summer is almost here.
I hope this inspires you to try decorating with your white ironstone too.


Chateau de Fleurs Market Place

Here are some pictures of the Market Place yesterday. It was so wonderful to see everyone. Lots of gorgeous one of a kind treasures. Every booth was filled to the brim with beauty. Anjie,Gail and I had so much fun.I really loved the way our booth turned out.Putting the booth together is alot like decorating a house. I lovelovelove this picture of Rita in her new bloomers. Doesn't she look Bella beautiful. Rita and Christie were wonderful hostesses treating everyone like family. More pictures on the way.I am so excited for the Olivenhein Grove Sale. Be sure and Mark your calenders April 30 and May 1st.Thank You to all who came and said they like my blog. I am grateful to have you all following along and thank you for buying my vintage treasures for your home.


Market Place and Barn Sale in Fallbrook Tomorrow

I am so excited the barn sale is tomorrow at Christie's in Fallbrook.I have selected the most wonderful one of a kind treasures for your home. Alot of bunnies and baskets as well as crowns and silver. Grab your friends and spend the day. It is the perfect weather for a day of spring shopping. Don't miss all of the fun.See you there!!
1524 South Hill Avenue Fallbrook Ca 92028


Cottage Clean

I am waititng for the sink to be put in my green house cottage so here is the method I have right now to wash my hands. It is fun to take a step back and use a BAR of soap instead of liquid soap. Also fun to have a pretty vintage towel to dry off with.
I think even the simple things can be beautiful.Spring is here and it is so wonderful to be outside in the warm sunshine.

This Friday from 9 to 5 in Fallbrook

Follow Gail and I to the Chateau de Fleurs Marketplace and Barn Sale this Friday March 19th from 9am-5pm. This Market and Barn Sale joins several barn sales held in the Fallbrook area, a beautiful countryside in Northern San Diego County. The area, best known by some as the "Avocado Capital of the World", is better known in our community as the place where we will join 14 other vendors in launching the first of many wonderful events for Christie Repasy and Rita Reade,talented women and dear friends. We are so excited to bring to you our mix of vintage design and one-of-a-kind furnishings and treasures that will compliment any home or garden.
See you all there,
White Ironstone Cottage


White Painted Tin Cans The Ultimate Recycling

The ultimate recycling.This is so easy and such a great idea for a garden party.
The nice thing is this reuses something we would just toss in the recycle bin.


Happy White Wednesday

Happy White Wednesday
I am excited to join the White Wednesday blogs.
Can you guess what this is?
A vintage white enamelware ladle.I love the design it almost looks like flowers.
I have one hanging on the mirror behind my stove. It looks so pretty and is completely useful too.It is fun to try and decide which white treasure to show you, I love white.


Fresh Flowers in Painted Tin Cans

I have been in Love with painted tin cans filled with fresh flowers ever since we went to Martha's Vineyard many years ago. The Farmers Markets are always filled with freshly picked flowers. The vendors take large coffee cans and paint them vibrant colors and sell their large bouquets in them.What a treat. The only hard part is choosing just one.There are even road side flowers for sale in tin cans.I can never resist.
Every year on May Day I hang a tin can of flowers on my front door. A little bit of Martha's Vineyard in California.I am so excited to be co hosting the Olivenhain Grove Sale on May day this year. I checked the Farmers Almanac and we will have perfect weather for the event.I can't wait to introduce to you the amazing and talented vendors who will be at the sale.



I am so excited to let you know that I have sold my first item on my blog. I was waiting to list items and a wonderful new friend from Arizona held my hand and walked me through the pay pal process and she bought my French White Iron Bench.
SOLD.It was so easy!! She said she could just picture the bench in her garden and was so excited because it was exactly what she was looking for.I asked her to please send me a picture of the bench in her garden I can't wait to see how it looks and I promise to show you all too.She sent me this picture she said it was the inspiration for her purchase.
I am so new to all of this but it is so exciting and I am grateful for every ones encouragement, support and thoughtful feedback.If you have a blog I would love to hear what your first sale on your blog was.


Simple and Fabulous

The Silver Anchor with the shells in this vase makes a simple and fun arrangement in my dining room.
Sometimes combining things that you love can result in something unexpected and fabulous.Every time I look at this it makes me smile. The shells are from our home in Kauai and collected by my children at Hanelei Bay. The anchor was a gift from a dear friend.
The vase came with flowers my husband gave me for our anniversary.
Simply Fabulous.


Great French Basket with Initials

Here is a fabulous French Basket with initials P.R.M.
I love the look of the initials on this basket with the lavender plants inside.
Did you know that in France lavender is used to ward off scorpians and other spiders.
A natural pesticide. The flowers were put by windows to even keep out flying insects.
LOVELOVELOVE the smell and the look what a great idea.You can use lavender oil too.