Fresh Flowers in Painted Tin Cans

I have been in Love with painted tin cans filled with fresh flowers ever since we went to Martha's Vineyard many years ago. The Farmers Markets are always filled with freshly picked flowers. The vendors take large coffee cans and paint them vibrant colors and sell their large bouquets in them.What a treat. The only hard part is choosing just one.There are even road side flowers for sale in tin cans.I can never resist.
Every year on May Day I hang a tin can of flowers on my front door. A little bit of Martha's Vineyard in California.I am so excited to be co hosting the Olivenhain Grove Sale on May day this year. I checked the Farmers Almanac and we will have perfect weather for the event.I can't wait to introduce to you the amazing and talented vendors who will be at the sale.


  1. Your cans of flowers are so very pretty. It really makes you think of Spring and for that I thank you. Take care.

  2. Thanks Shirley,
    I am so ready for warm summer days.


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