Polka Dotted Easter Fun

This is such a cute and easy idea. You just adhere zot dots to the hard boiled eggs in a random fashion and then cover the eggs with colored sugar or glitter.Dust off the excess with a small paint brush or a paper towel if you are lazy like me and you have polka dotted Easter eggs.
So adorable and so easy to make. I love Easter it is my favorite holiday.
Usually we are at our Kauai house and we go to the early Service at the
Wai oli Hui la Church. So fun to try and sing hymns in Hawaiian. Then off to Hanalei Bay to jump off the pier. This year our oldest is away at College and our son is playing Varsity baseball and has a tournament so Kauai will have to be later in the year.I am having so much fun decorating the house. Gorgeous flowers and yummy treats. It is going to be a fun and God filled day.


  1. Your polka dot Easter Eggs are so cute. I had never thought about decorating them that way so I have learn something new today for which I thank you. Take care.

  2. Hi Pam!
    I love Easter too :) I am so thankful everyday for the cross... On another not I was thinking of Hawaii today and although you live in a beautiful beach town, there is no place like Hawaii, or Mexico.... oh the waters, the warmth, the beaches, it is hard to enjoy it here sometimes when you know what the beaches are like in other sates/countries. anyway... I love your eggs, wait until you see mine, thay are super chic.



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