***Silver Sparkle Crown***

This is the Crown I wore when I was Queen for a day,
I was Crowned Homecoming Queen.
It was so much fun and a long time ago,
but the memory lives on with this
Silver Sparkle Crown.
I can still remember feeling so special it felt
like a dream come true.
Its so fun to decorate with Crowns.
I also have a collection of dishware from the
Hotel del Coronado
that have crowns on them.
My Husband and I used to go there often when we were dating.
He grew up in Coronado Island and we owned our first home there.
Do you like to decorate with crowns too?
I would love to know how you display crowns in your home .
Oh the possibilities.!!



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  1. I love crowns!!I want to see the picture of you as Homecoming queen!!!
    That would be fun...


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