**A Fabulous Visit with Laura at 52 FLEA**

Welcome Laura

I am so excited to be interviewing you
I really adore your blog* 52Flea* it is beautiful and inspiring.

Thank you for your kind words on
I enjoy every aspect of blogging and am having a lot of fun with it
The first thing I always ask friends is
What do you Collect?
Oh my goodness. Well, to begin with...I have been collecting since I was a child...so my first collections had to do with nature...rocks, sea glass and shells....and then all sorts of other tiny things...bits and bobs.Then, as I was fascinated with old things and their history I started asking for old wooden implements and odds and ends and kitchen things from my grandparents who lived on a farm with a 200 year old barn. I married young, right out of college and started collecting lots of kitchen items, yellow ware and ironstone for my own home. I have many family items from my husbands relatives as well as my own. I spent a lot of time rooting around in the attics and basements of our grandparents! I love wire ware and metal items, garden things, books, books and more books...I have many baskets, old toys and games, linens, quilts, vintage clothes and hats. I collect old photos, cameras, typewriters, etc. You see? The list goes on and on. I would say that I love things with history and a bit of whimsy. I love a patina on things... a little chipped paint, tarnish or rust shows character and is preferable to me. I love to collect things that have been designed well and have decorative appeal.Recently I have returned to collecting smaller things ...I have been buying lots to use in art projects...ribbons, lace, old keys, religious metals, ephemera, etc. My collections are all informal....mostly everyday, useful items from days past. Things with texture and interesting detail always draw me in...and things that were obviously loved make my heart melt

Do you Decorate with White Ironstone?

Yes, I use white ironstone throughout my home...everyday in the form of soap dishes and pitchers for flowers. I use platters for interesting displays as well as serving food. White ironstone is so versatile and serves as a clean and fresh backdrop for any display. They are the bones of most of my tablescapes and I love to mix and match other pieces with my ironstone. I would have to say that my favorite way to display flowers is in my ironstone pitchers....so classic!

How is your Lake house decorated?

Our lake house is decorated entirely with flea market, thrift store and curbside finds. It has a decidedly Adirondack feel to it...some vintage twig furniture mixed in...lots of accessories that were found locally....pack baskets, snow shoes, skis, etc. It is very relaxed and comfortable with stacks of games to be played and lots of nature finds from hikes accumulated over the years. There are books everywhere...ranging from topics to do with nature...wildflowers, birds, etc. to decorating books to old mysteries. It is very rustic and campy.

If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be?

Well, assuming I could have unlimited access to my family members wherever they are.....I would say that I love being able to look at water....be it a lake or ocean. I absolutely loved our trips to France and Italy and think I would enjoy the European lifestyle.I am not a city girl but love a lot of things that a city has to offer...like museums and the ballet or opera. Ideally, I think I would like to live within walking distance to a thriving town or village....someplace with cultural and artistic events happening and someplace with easy access to barn sales and thrift stores! :) Oh, and a mild climate would be lovely!

What is inspiring you for fall?
Well, anyone who knows me...knows that I hate (I know hate is a very strong word)....but I hate the color orange and I am a fraidy cat so I really do not like Halloween at all I have a collection of black books with scary titles...but that is as far as I go.My fall decorations include lots of white pumpkins, grapevines, green gourds, baskets, rustic wood items, old worn brown leather suitcases, plaid blankets ...lots of texture!. I do love sweater weather!

Thank You Laura you are so gracious ,You are my new kindred spirit.(I'm not a big orange fan either).
I hope you enjoyed getting to know Laura as much as I did. Be sure to drop by *52Flea*.



  1. Beautiful blog and wonderful interview! I am new follower...
    hope you can stop by and say hello


  2. Thank you for that interview. I love 52 Flea and often wonder what Laura is like.

  3. I love her blog, too and enjoyed the interview.

  4. I enjoyed the interview. I'm OK with orange but really, really don't like Halloween stuff either!

  5. Hi Pam, I love your interview with Laura. Her blog is my alltime fav and I am glad to have found yours. I see you follow Barn House. Joe and Jermonne are great guys...I live in the same town as they do...
    I look forward to watching your blog.

  6. I must say that I dislike orange too....I have several friends who will not tolerate it in their gardens. Myself included. Thanks for the great interview

  7. I'd love to see all of Laura's creations.


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