Vintage Roses

Hi Friends,
It is bareroot rose time here in Southern California
I get so excited when I receive the rose catalogs in the mail each year.
This is a picture of one of my most favorite roses
It is called
White Iceberg
It is such a easy vigorous rose to grow

it blooms almost all year long (here in Del Mar)and is quite disease free
It needs 5 hours of sun per day and water to grow well
{My kind of rose}
I have planted this rose all around my home from the entrance to the front portico to the backyard
I have had such success with this rose that I always plant a few more each year
I found out
It was bred in Germany in 1958 and was voted one of the top ten roses for the last 5 years in a row.

This is a Cecile Brunner climbing pink rose
It is another really easy rose to grow

very disease tolerant and drought resistant for a rose

It is a fast grower great for walls or fences

It has adorable small light pink flowers that

look great in a vase and it has the most


I have a passion for Vintage Cabbage Roses too

with their multi layers of petals and potent fragrance

I like to mix the roses together for a beautiful bouquet

Vintage Cabbage Roses

have lush blooms with a large base and are very fragrant they are

not as disease tolerant as the Iceberg Rose or the Cecile Brunner Rose but they can be worth the effort

I have found that Pruning and fertilizing are key ingredients for large blooms every year.

Vintage Cabbage roses look {lacy} with all of their petals

I can almost smell these roses the fragrance is somehow jumping off the page

Do you have a favorite rose?

Please leave me a note

I would love to know about your favorite


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  1. Hi Pam: I was amazed to see my two favorite roses on your blog. White Iceberg and Cecile Brunner are excellent choices! Thank you for an entertaining and beautiful blog.


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