* Loves Fresh Lemon*

I hope you are all enjoying a peaceful weekend.I want to thank wonderful Laura at 52Flea for posting about my interview with her on her blog, it was so gracious of her and a wonderful surprise.

Do you remember this?

* It was my Very First Perfume *

*It Smells like this*

*I Love Lemons*
I was at Breakfast at Thyme in the Ranch with Gail and Barbara this week and we were admiring the beautiful flowers in the front of the restaurant. There were Eden roses and yummy lemon scented geraniums. The geraniums reminded me of Loves Fresh Lemon perfume.This was a wonderful memory. My first perfume. I immediately went home and googled Loves Fresh Lemon and to my surprise ........
it is still available. I found it on Amazon.com for $3.99. ( I think it was that much way back when)
This is so fun. I bought a few to share with friends. I can't wait to smell it again and see if it is a great as I remember,Light, Clean,Lemon fresh and Lovley.
I wear *Antonias Flowers* now. It is a garden of freshness,romantic, clean and crisp and delightful.It is from East Hampton. For more information about this delightful scent click on the side bar to the right "My Favorite Perfume"
Please Leave me a comment,
I would love to know what your first perfume was?



  1. I remember Loves Fresh Lemon!!! My first perfume was Norell. Some great salesman said I looked like a Norell Girl....well, young and gullible, I wore it for years :>)

  2. I remember this perfume, and I did buy it when I was young. I tried many, always going back to something, clean, green, and fresh. I think I even bought one call "Fresh Grass".....now I rarely wear perfume, if so I wear Pure Grace. This was a fun post, bringing back many memories...smiles, Linda


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