Shabby chic Mantel

Hi Everyone
 Happy Friday
Do you like to save pretty ribbon from packages
This past Christmas we received the most beautiful 
 white Rachel Ashwell  face towels
The towels were wrapped with this
pretty shabby chic white ribbon 
So happy I kept the ribbon it looks so cute  wrapped around this garden
 galvanized bucket 

Today while shopping at Trader Joes 
 I found these adorable baby pink potted roses for only 1.99 each
{such a bargain}
 I bought 3 and
 they fit perfectly in the bucket

I added a small sprig of pink jasmine
 from the garden

The baby pink  of the roses and the jasmine
 are so pretty together
last year I bought a few baby white roses and
after having them in the house for a month or two
we planted them in the front yard 
They transferred well from inside the house to outside

The jasmine smells heavenly
Handsome husband even commented
 he liked it !!!

 the thoughtful gift and the pretty 
 just sharing a peek at our Shabbychic mantel
more to come....

romantic saying for today

"With every breath you drew me to you"



  1. Pam, you did right by saving that ribbon - it looks perfect with that galvanized bucket!

    Oh, to think you have fresh jasmine where you are.................sigh............it is so so so cold here with lots of snow. I love winter, but I think I love fresh jasmine better, haha.

    Have a wonderful weekend.

  2. How pretty. The ribbon is perfect on the galvanized bucket filled with those sweet pale punk roses. Makes me want to go on out and find some!
    Happy weekend!

  3. I can't throw any ribbon away, no matter how it looks. At least you do something with them. Mine, I roll up and pin, thinking someday... Those roses are beautiful. You can mow them down and they will come back. Oh how I wish I lived in California. Maybe in my next life.

  4. So pretty love the bucket and flowers. Such pretty ribbon. He helps me forget that it is freezing outside for a split second!!


  5. I love what you did and that bucket is so cute.


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