Vintage DIY Project

Hi Everyone
 Happy Monday
Do you {Love} to drink tea 
Our entire family enjoys a cup of tea 
 especially on cold nights
We all have our favorite blends 
Recently after dinner I noticed almost 12 different tea boxes 
out on the counter

 Instead of hunting for all the different teas in the pantry
 I decided to try and make a tea holder we could just take out 
filled with every ones favorite blend

I didn't want to go and buy something 
I wanted to make it 
 using something that we already had around the house
 I went on the hunt and found this neglected vintage sewing machine drawer
in the garage
 the beautiful detailing and with a quick coat of white paint
it looked pretty good

I also added 4 vintage glass knobs found in the junk drawer of the kitchen 
{how did they get in there}
onto the bottom as little feet

Our new vintage DIY Tea organizer
No more searching in the pantry 
organized and pretty on the top of the counter too
I think I may have to find a few more vintage sewing machine drawers
they would look so cute all lined up in the pantry 

What would you fill the drawer with in your pantry
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romantic saying for today

"I Love thee,I Love but thee, With a Love that shall not die, 
Till the sun grows cold and the stars grow old"



  1. I bought a sewing drawer just like this this weekend. I paint everything white, but I have a room that I am trying to use some color in. So, I can't decide. But I do love it and I like the drawer knobs for legs! Think I'll try that!


  2. Oh my. oh my, oh my . . . this is gorgeous!!!

  3. Simply adorable! A wonderful idea and well played.

  4. This is so cute! What a great idea and I love the glass knobs for feet. I have a whole roll out drawer in our pantry devoted to teas. It's getting quite ridiculous. I also keep some packets and bags that we drink the most in glass jars on the counter. We sure do love our tea! Pamela

  5. I love this idea, Pam, and the little drawer turned out so cute! We have the same problem and this might be just the solution! :)


  6. You could take orders for these. I'd love to have one but I do not have anything like these pieces in storage. The knobs are gorgeous too. Clever and creative....make do and mend takes on a whole new meaning!

  7. Love what you did with the vintage sewing drawer...I'll be on the lookout for one to try my hand at making one. Thank you for sharing this cute and cleaver idea!

    1. I can't believe I actually found this "exact" sewing machine drawer!!!!!!! Hope to attempt this project soon. Hope it turns out as good as yours. :-)

  8. It is adorable Pam. I will be on the lookout for a box like this to do the same thing. I always love getting ideas from you. Your taste is romantic yet simple and elegant.

    We need more pictures of Coronado place please. Update...???

    ~ Lisa from Indiana ~

  9. What a wonderful idea. We do drink a lot of tea and I'm always rummaging int he cupboard. I love this idea. You've done a beautiful job with it as well. Classic, a little shabby chic and vintage all rolled into one. I'm huge vintage freak even wrote a vintage novel :)

    ~Tam Francis~


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