Valentines Day

Hi Everyone
 Happy Tuesday
Being a born romantic I absolutely
*Valentines Day* 

When we first moved into our home 
I desperately wanted to plant
 white iceberg roses everywhere
 but with over an acre and third to plant
it just wasn't in the budget so handsome husband started a wonderful tradition

Every Valentines day he buys me
 a white iceberg rose to plant in the yard
It has been so fun to add
 a new rose bush every year 

We now have white iceberg roses
 in the backyard
tucked by the living room window and the side yard

 Iceberg roses around
 the backyard brick patio

Iceberg roses in
 the front yard

 Iceberg roses
by the walkway

Iceberg rose in
 the birdbath

 By the front door

 I know most women ask for
 a dozen cut red roses for Valentines day
 but not me

 getting the white iceberg rose bush every year
 going out in the garden and being able to cut the white roses to bring in the house

Most of all I am grateful
 my handsome husband who helps to make my dream
 of  beautiful white roses planted everywhere around our home
 come true all over again every Valentines day
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romantic saying for today

"It is in the loving as well as in being loved
 that we become most truly ourselves"



  1. Pam~ this is ROMANCE. Love it and your roses!!

  2. Aaashhhhh. How sweet! And what a beautiful testament to your luv you have everyday!

  3. What a wonderful tradition. I love how they look all around your yard. I love iceberg roses because they are so hardy. I have several too. Alaina

  4. I love hearing traditions of others and how they show their love for one another. Your roses are simply georgeous.

    ~ Lisa from Indiana ~

  5. Pam, that's a beautiful tradition, and just look at all the gorgeous white roses that you get to enjoy all year long.

  6. That is a very wonderful and romantic tradition, Pam. They look gorgeous. They are also a very practical gift that last for years! They must smell heavenly.

  7. Oh this tradition is such a delightful one....thank you for shop haring this romantic post.

  8. Hi Pam!!!

    Such a romantic tradition!!!

    A young couple had a BBQ to celebrate the 1st summer in their new house and we brought them a Hydrangea plant
    to put in their garden. They were so ecstatic that they planted it right away. Giving a plant is a lasting gift, as you well

    They are so beautiful!!!!

    Enjoy the rest of the week!!!


  9. Pam, I am right with you! In our previous home I requested White Calla Lillies, and my wish was Granted. We moved into our New Home across the country last April and I brought them ALL with me, and replanted them. This being our first Valentines day in our New Home we are going with White Roses Bushes. So I can't wait to get my first. Because Lavender grows so well here in WA State I even mixed in some Lavender with the smaller Calla Lillie plants and it looked so pretty last summer. This idea shows an everlasting Love~ Not to mention a Beautiful landscape and what we cut to bring indoors~

    Huggs, Nancy

  10. Your iceberg roses are gorgeous, and I LOVE this tradition!!
    Mary Alice

  11. Your roses are beautiful. Sadly I don't have a garden, just a courtyard! I love Valentine's Day too, old romantic at heart!

    Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.


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