Vintage Enamelware Pitcher

Hi Everyone
 Happy Thursday
With the temperatures this winter 
so very cold all over the nation
 even here in usually sunny and warm California
 we have had to bring many of our outdoor plants inside 
 they were dying from the cold and frost

how the flowers have brought such color and warmth to the house

The fun part has been finding vintage containers to put  all of
the outdoor flowers in while they are inside

This vintage white  oversized enamelware pitcher is a perfect fit

The pansies will  continue to grow
 inside until the frost warnings have passed 

How are you doing with the cold
this winter

romantic saying for today

"You are the keeper of my heart"



Winter flowers

Hi Everyone
 Happy Tuesday
 when art captures life so beautifully
just look at 
this gorgeous pink rose from our garden

 And the amazing detail of the beautiful rose painted
 on this soup tureen
This tureen is one of my favorite "go to" vases in winter 

 Perfect vase for dried hydrangeas from our garden
The flowers have such a warm and rustic feel to them 
I have learned not to buy vases anymore 
it is much more fun to think out of the box and use the treasures we already have for flowers
Do you do this too

There are so many ways to dry hydrangeas but my favorite way 
{also the simplest} 
is to pick the flowers and immediately put them in an arrangement without water
 the flowers  start to dry "as is"
 and can stay in the vase for months

Even though the garden looks a little bare
 now that the roses and hydrangeas
  have been pruned 
we can still enjoy these dried flowers 

We are  busy planting spring bulbs and vegetables
 that were grown from seed in the greenhouse 
can't wait to show you the baby carrots and artichokes too

romantic saying for today

"That which is Loved is always beautiful"



Vintage Shopping Trip

Hi Everyone
 Happy Friday
Today friends you and I are going to
 the Lucky Street  productions antique sale in Oceanside California
I grabbed my camera so you could  join in the fun 

It is raining and cold today
 perfect weather for a little 
vintage treasure shopping 

Lucky street antiques rents out beautiful vintage treasures
 for weddings, party's and even
tv and movie sets

They have everything from Church pews to even a tiny Hansel and Gretel cottage 
 and look at this fun 
catch of the day

 this adorable bathtub 
all you need is the bubbles !!!!

This is the pretty vintage treasure that found its way home
an extra large vintage tin planter

The vintage tin has a soft feminine design
 can't wait to fill this planter with green moss and pretty spring flowers

  Chippy white  mixed with silver from the tin  and pretty pink roses
a perfect combination

Thanks for shopping with me
If you live in Southern California and did not make it to the sale today
 it will continue  Saturday and Sunday 
here is their website for more details

Happy Birthday to our beautiful daughter 
you are Loved beyond measure

romantic saying for today

"Love conquers all things"



Ready for Spring

Hi Everyone
 Happy Thursday
 Late January in our garden  
is pansy planting time 
 Pansies will grow here in Southern California until 
after Easter when the weather starts to get too hot for such a delicate flower

Every year it is fun to shop for pansies at the nursery
 looking at all the pretty colors
 feels like being a kid at a candy store  just can't seem to decide which ones to pick

These regal  purple blue
 pansies look so pretty against the white of this vintage garden pot by the front door

With a hint of lavender
and happy yellow
ready for Spring

Grateful it is raining here today perfect for all the
 pansies that were planted yesterday

Are you ready for Spring too

romantic saying for today

"With one look at you I was yours for eternity"



Photo Shoot

Hi Everyone 
Happy Tuesday
 Mondays are always such busy days
 maybe its because Sunday is so peaceful and when Mondays come we hit the ground running again
This Monday was no different a crazy day filled with
 a  photo shoot 
It seemed as if the entire house was turned  inside out and into a party of pretty!
  A feast for the eyes
 everywhere you looked there were.....

 Vintage treasures  sitting on
 counter tops, floors, tables, ladders,buckets
everything was out to play with

Flowers everywhere as far as the eye could see

So fun to have so many people at the house moving things around 
why is it days like this always seem to go by way too fast
 the blush pink roses with the vintage white ironstone pitcher
I was able to take a few shots with my camera too

Learned so much about lighting and  f stop  camera settings and
wide angle lenses
{do I sound like a pro}
I am grateful to be able to share some of the pretty of the day with all of you

I would never have thought to mix gorgeous pink blush roses with 
eucalyptus leaves  

How do you feel about Mondays

romantic saying for today

"You consume my every thought"



Before and After with chalk paint

Hi Everyone
 Happy Friday
This vintage hall tree was in really bad shape
 when we found it on one of our early morning walks
it was on the side of the road in the trash pile
our neighbors son and his roommates were throwing it away

The bones were good
but it did need work
this piece just seemed to be screaming chalk paint

You may remember this before picture.........
 So with the "vintage white" chalk paint in hand and no sanding or primer
this  trashed hall tree started to come alive
all the lovely details really began to pop

Because this was my first time using chalk paint
it was fun to see if it was going to live up to all the hype I had read about
yes it is worth all the hype
chalk paints coverage I only gave this piece one coat to see the coverage
it was amazing and it
has a great matt finish that has a vintage look and feel

Do you see the bullet mark on the top left of the mirror
 someone had used this piece for bb gun target practice
We were going to replace it but
that just had to stay as part of the history of our new vintage hall tree
makes me giggle

  The hall tree looks right at home
painted white

Have you tried chalk paint too
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romantic saying for today

"A kiss is only a moment but that moment forever lasts in your heart"



Valentine Conversation hearts

Hi Everyone
Happy Wednesday

Valentines day is less than a month away
 to start adding hearts around the house

Found these adorable white paper hearts at Ikea
They were originally Christmas tree ornaments
 and in the discounted  section ridiculously cheap !!!

I just took my sharpie and added a few valentines day conversation heart candy words
like these candies

All Mine
 Kiss Me 
True Love

 Handsome husband wrote this one
Hug ME
we had so much fun deciding what to put on the hearts 

Fun Valentines day conversation hearts
{and no calories}
simple and romantic

What would you write on your hearts
let me know
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romantic saying for today

"You have my whole heart for my whole life"



Vintage Shopping Test #16

Hi Everyone 
Happy Tuesday
Are you ready to test your
 vintage shopping skills

Here are two very beautiful glass butter dishes 
Both have a classic design and shape 
One is a real vintage treasure and one is a brand new reproduction

Many of you asked me about the butter  dish in the picture above
As you can see this butter dish has a very large dome cover
a traditional BUTTER mark on the top and don't you just
 the scroll filigree on the sides

This butter dish is very elegant it has a faceted design
 that catches the light and very sturdy thick pressed  glass

The faceted pattern is on both the bottom and the cover of the butter dish

Do you think you know which butter dish
 is the vintage treasure worth $55 dollars
and which one is the reproduction that cost $19.99

Is it the one on the left with the faceted design
or the one on the right with the high dome cover

If you chose the faceted pressed glass butter dish you are
 it is the real vintage treasure worth $55
This butter dish is a fabulous reproduction and is available at Amazon.com
click { Butter Dish }
 for only $19.99

How did you do
 did you pick the vintage treasure
 please leave me a comment and let me know

romantic saying for today

"Your kisses are always the sweetest"