Ready for Spring

Hi Everyone
 Happy Thursday
 Late January in our garden  
is pansy planting time 
 Pansies will grow here in Southern California until 
after Easter when the weather starts to get too hot for such a delicate flower

Every year it is fun to shop for pansies at the nursery
 looking at all the pretty colors
 feels like being a kid at a candy store  just can't seem to decide which ones to pick

These regal  purple blue
 pansies look so pretty against the white of this vintage garden pot by the front door

With a hint of lavender
and happy yellow
ready for Spring

Grateful it is raining here today perfect for all the
 pansies that were planted yesterday

Are you ready for Spring too

romantic saying for today

"With one look at you I was yours for eternity"



  1. love the romantic quote && the color of the pansies !!

  2. Oh, I LOVE pansies! It was SO fun to see you yesterday and be able to see your beautiful home in real life! You are a wonderful woman of God and it shows in everything you do and say. I loved meeting your husband also. You two make a wonderful couple. May God continue to bless you abundantly, Pam!!!

  3. I missed out and didn't plant any in the fall. I am hoping a few come up from seed this spring. I have bits of green popping up.... Spring feel near even though there is ice predicted for the next two days!

    Thanks for sharing!
    God bless....Brooke

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  4. I'm so ready for spring, too!!! The purple pansies look so pretty in the white planter!

  5. I shouldn't complain living in Vancouver, but, I love Spring and Summer
    and would love to start planting my garden. The pansies look great and
    brings so much color around the house.



  6. What a pretty burst of colour already for spring! It's been the coldest week here with temperatures in the -20's Celsius. Not much springing going on here. ;) Enjoy your nice weather and the pretty pansies.

  7. Love pansies, but lost all the ones I planted this fall because the temperatures never cooled enough. They do look fabulous in that white urn.

  8. I adore pansies. they are my favorite spring flowers. Spring is a looong way off here but I can enjoy yours from here.

  9. hi Pam, I can't believe this but I had the most amazing dream about pansies last night!!! There were flats of them all over on sawhorses... and my hubby was saying "see, it's ok now, we can cheer you up with these"...I'm having the real January blues this year! I don't know why! But I'm going to focus on Spring. The official first day is only 2 months away, and even if it's only 10 degrees here I can read the gardening catalogs and dream some more! Thank you for the pretty pictures. Linda

  10. Des cornutas ! Ca sent le printemps !Très joli blog


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