Downton Abbey Season 3

Hi Everyone
Happy Friday
 *Happy New Year*
Are you excited for the beginning of 
 Downton Abbey
 Season 3
it is starting  this Sunday
January 6

 We will get to see the much anticipated Wedding of
 Matthew to Lady Mary Crawley

 Downton Abbey is filmed at Highclere Castle
 The Castle is only a thirty minute drive from London
in Hampshire and tonight there is a special
it is on here Friday night in California at 6 pm
The show will be highlighting several castles
  including Highclere Castle

Also highlighted tonight will be the childhood home
of Princess Lady Diana

What a great way to start the new year
Castles on Camera tonight
Downton Abbey season 3
Sunday night
Will you be watching too

romantic saying for today

"With style and grace you hold my heart in your hand"



  1. Oh, I wish. We only have 3 TV channels and none carries these programs. I am hoping to purchase Seasons 1 & 2 of Downton Abbey, then I suppose season 3 eventually. :) Enjoy the programs.

  2. Oh YES and I AM SOOOO EXCITED! Love, love Downton Abbey! Didn't know about the Castles on Camera special...thanks for sharing, my recorder is set!

  3. Ken downloaded the whole thing from a site from Italy so we just finished watching the whole third season!!! We aren't known for our patience! ;) Enjoy.

  4. The highlight of our Christmas viewing here in the UK was the Downton Christmas Special! Great drama, wish there was more like it! Happy New Year and carry on giving so much pleasure with your fab blog! AnneMarie xxx

  5. Thanks Pam. I'd love to catch that special tonight. I also think I better "join the ranks" and start watching Downton Abbey. I've never seen an episode, but the whole rest of the world loves it so I'm going to check it out! Have a great weekend!


    The Christmas special was certainly dramatic - wowza.

    My friend is having a Season 3 Premiere Costume Party Sunday, but alas she's in a different state and makes it difficult to get there.

    Anyway, happy viewing!

  7. Oh I'm so excited for Downton Abbey to start! I had no idea about the HGTV special on castles on tonight. I'll certainly be tuning in for both.

  8. totally addicted to this show!! can't WAIT! ;)

  9. I was meant to read this post tonight! It is 9:00 est and I just turned on HGTV to find the special Castles on Camera! Thank you so so much! What a lovely post!

  10. I can barely wait for the season three premiere of Downton. Today is my birthday (Jan. 4th) and I feel like it is a special present this year! I watched the special on HiClere and it was fun to see the behind the scenes stuff. Some "house"!

  11. I've never heard of that program. Wish I had as I love English shows. wish I'd known about the castle show on HGTV tonight. Maybe they'll show it again, I'll have to check the schedule on Dish Network. We're in CO on Mountain time. What network is the Downtown show on?
    Love all the romantic sayings on another post. They're so pretty. How do you find them?
    thanks for them also.

  12. Glad you are enjoying it - very romantic and the costumes are fabulous
    Blessings from the UK

  13. Thank you for the beautiful pictures...love the wedding one!
    Our daughter was in England this summer and went to the castle they film Downton Abbey at!
    Looking forward to tonight & Sunday!
    Thanks for the info!

  14. Hi everybody,
    first season started in Germany this X-mas, by I got the opportunity to get the second season as well on DVD. So we had two fantastic days watching both seasons and the first Special one after the other in our holidays. It was terrific and now we're addicted to.. ;-) So I started to watch the third season in English, but my school English is not good enough to understand everything. :-(. I googled all locations and actors and will visit some places next time I'll be in the UK.
    Have fun watching!

  15. So glad I read your post today! I've just recently gotten into Downton Abbey (and by that I mean I just watched the first two seasons last weekend!) and I'm so excited that I'm only one episode behind on the third! So I will be watching it tonight online, or on Friday when it airs again:) Thanks so much for posting this!


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