Do You use a PC or Mac

Hi Everyone
 Happy Monday
A New Year 
A time for  new beginnings and a great
  time to learn new things
This morning a single rose from
 our garden not only filled
 our home with its pretty color
but  also with the most amazing fragrance
Winter roses are always a blessing
These past few days of the New Year have been all about change
  I received a new Mac computer for Christmas
{my pc kicked the bucket}
 This is my very first post as I try to
learn a  completely new system
Going from a PC to a Mac
 fun,exciting and frustrating
 all at the same time
What was once second nature now takes me so long to finish
I am grateful that our children are still at home to help me for few more days 
as I try to figure out how to edit and download pics
 I mean import pics
 there is even a different language 
to  learn
Do you prefer to use a PC or a Mac
If you have a Mac
here are my questions 
 did you take the classes
 did you find them helpful
I am scheduled to take my first class next week
in the mean time 
wish me luck !!!!
 If you have any words of advice or wisdom about Mac's
I would be so grateful for any help, tips or hints you can share

romantic saying for today

"Since love grows within you so beauty grows for love is the beauty of the soul"
St Augustine



  1. I don't have a Mac but I want to say that taking a class is the smartest thing you can do. I'm lucky that one of my daughters is a technical whiz and gets me through many snags. But a class would be great. Have fun!

    Your roses are beautiful. How nice to have then in the dead of winter!!


  2. Hi Pam. I got a MacBook Pro last fall and wish I had taken the course they offered. There was a free online one but I waited too long to do it now. So my advice is to take it. I have learned quite fast how to use this though and find it really easy. I love the keyboard (I used my daughter's some when we visit them) and am slowly finding my way around. Hubby uploaded PIcasa for me as that's what I had on the PC so I didn't have to learn how to use iPhoto thankfully. It's so easy to upload pics now and I can load as many as I want when I want. With the PC I had to restart if I wanted to load pics more than once a day. Annoying. I admit I have lots more to learn. I hope you enjoy yours as much as I enjoy mine! It's nice you have roses in winter. We have snow. Lots of snow. :) Blessings, Pamela

  3. I am on my second Mac. I absolutely love it and can't imagine spending so much time on a PC. I have not taken any classes. They are pretty intuitive. However, if you have classes available, take them! You'll save yourself some time and probably learn things I have never even stumbled onto. You're going to love it!

  4. We love Macs and have been for 13 years.

    I convinced my mom and dad to change over and they took the classes. They love it. There is no going back to a PC for them because it is so easy for them to use and understand.

  5. My daughter loves her Mac. They are great for graphics and are completely impervious to viruses. That being said- I prefer my PC. I think it is a matter of personal preference. Good luck-xo Diana

  6. I have been on a mac for about 7 years now, but I can remember it being beyond frustrating when I started and actually asking to hook my PC back up for me. Then my husband watched over my shoulder and pointed out that I was treating my mac like a PC and that is why it wasn't working for me. As a matter of fact, I was doing it the hard way. Remember drag and drop. That seemed to help me. I now swear by apple products. If you have access to classes, do take advantage. I recommend watching the iMac videos on the Apple site. You'll be astounded by the capabilities. Also check out the apple store forums. There are tons of helpful Q and A there. I'm here if you have questions ;-)

  7. once you go mac you will never go back. you will really benefit from their classes. sponge everything they offer. we have been apple people for the past 18 yrs. my husband has the desktop, i prefer the laptop. i love my macbook pro. i have the iPhone, and we each have the ipad2. bought our 3 adult dtrs the ipad2 for christmas. i cannot tell you when the last time we heard "oh my god"!!!!! mom, dad, just what we wanted!!!!

    mac has a great support system as well. if you should ever be in doubt or something isn't working the way you think it should. go on apple, support and communities. you type in your question and most times someone else has experienced the same problem and the answer is there, otherwise register and start your own discussion.

    welcome to apple.

  8. We have always used a PC, but the next time we need a laptop we may try a KindleFire or iPad. Mary Beth

  9. I've a long history with a Mac. Never have had a PC. I recommend taking the classes, but I think you'll find it easy to use once you get used to it. Good Luck!


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