Decorating with Vintage

Hi Everyone
 Happy Saturday
One of the easiest ways to add charm, beauty and romance
 to any room is by adding vintage treasures

to buy vintage items which allows me
 to create a specific look
 on a small budget

With a few pretty flowers in a white ironstone pitcher
 and this vintage french bistro chair 
our Home has a
 clean and romantic feel

When shopping for vintage items
 try to think beyond just one room
 its fun to move things around from our
 kitchen to the living room 
and even our bedrooms
This vintage chair has been used in every room in our house

to set the stage before even walking in the house
 by hanging flowers on the front door too
or by simply adding one single garden rose 
 to a vintage watering can

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romantic saying for today
"Since Love grows within you so beauty grows For Love is the beauty of the soul"
St Augustine



A Wedding Memory

Hi Everyone
Happy Friday
This Vintage white hat is so special
The little white flowers and the beautiful green leaves
the flowers look so real you almost want to smell them

When my Mother was getting married to my Dad
  she bought this hat to wear
but when they got to the Church the day of the ceremony
 this little hat somehow got left at home
  My Mom ended up borrowing a veil from the Minister that married them
She can't remember how or why the Minister had a veil but she was so grateful he did

I remember as a little child playing dress up with this hat 
and my Mom telling me the story about her Wedding day
It is such a romantic story
 My Mom was 19 my Dad was 27
They were married  and in {Love} 56 years until my Dad's passing

My Mom said that she was so in 
and excited to get married to my Dad
 that she didn't even care if she had the hat
and I think the veil that she wore was perfect

 Here they are just
 Married  in 1955 

This little vintage hat is a very special
vintage heirloom treasure!!!

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romantic saying for today
“Love is when you look into someones eyes, and see everything you need."



White Paint magic

Hi Everyone
 Happy Wednesday
This large birdhouse was sitting 
at our front entrance when I came home tonight after our sons Varsity baseball game
 ~It looks so beautiful~

My sweet handsome husband surprised me
 by painting the birdhouse for me

I found this cutie last Friday at Matildas Mouse sale
it was painted a light green color
I knew it would look amazing painted white

 I am thrilled with the way it turned out 
 the magic of white paint the birdhouse now looks
clean, crisp and fabulous

So touched that my handsome husband painted it for me
 I didn't even ask him to
He knows the way to my heart
everyday I am grateful to be married to such a  handsome thoughtful  husband
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romantic saying for today
"Your Love lights my way every hour of every day"



Cottage Garden

Hi Everyone
 Happy Monday

These pansies are patiently waiting to be planted 
Spring is here and the weather has been crazy
 yesterday we had  beautiful sunshine in the morning
 then big winds blew in and clouds appeared out of no where
 and it started pouring down rain

We had big plans to plant more
 pansies in the garden

This vintage  rusty wire basket has become my new favorite garden tool
perfect for
carrying the plants to be planted out in the garden 

how the flowers look just sitting in the basket 
 in the house too
Decided to make a  little flower sign to hang in the garden 
Today the sun is shining perfect weather
 for planting the pansies by our guest cottage
we will once again hold our annual 
Easter egg hunt in the garden
by the cottage
Don't you just

Grateful for the sunshine today

romantic saying for today
"Its you alone that has captured my heart"



Spring roses

  Hi Everyone
 Happy Saturday
Spring is here and it is time to think about planting roses
this year along with more White Iceberg roses 
we have planted pink Cecile Brunner roses

They have the most amazing fragrance for such a tiny rose

They look and smell like spring

These little pink roses remind me of the roses my Grandmother
 had in her backyard they are a miniature rose too

She would have 
these pink roses in the little yellow ceramic shoe she gave me
She was an amazing gardener
She grew her own vegetables and flowers
I think of her every spring when we
 plant roses and vegetables
 in our garden too

It is always so wonderful to watch nature in action 
to see the flowers blooming, birds singing, bees pollinating
 and watch the beauty blooming all around us
Have a wonderful weekend
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romantic saying for today
"Loves words are sweet and strong like the fragrance of a rose"



Vintage Chandelier

Hi Everyone
 Happy Friday

This vintage crystal chandelier it is the star
  in our dining room 

When we first moved in our Home there was
 no overhead lighting at all
so we had a  big design challenge

We knew we wanted to hang a chandelier
over the dining room table
 and were thrilled to find this beauty at
 Matildas Mouse sale for 
$250 dollars

So after getting estimates and trying to figure out if there was hidden
  electrical power anywhere in the ceiling

We found electrical near the wall and ran a
 swagged chain to the middle of the room

So Grateful
we were able to find a solution and stay within our budget too
Adding the chandelier over the table changed the entire feeling in the room
 adding elegance and charm

If you have not been to Matildas Mouse sale I highly recommend it
Fabulous vintage treasures all housed in an old barn  in Valley Center
at  the house once owned by Betty Crocker
The sale is held once a month and starts today and through the weekend
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romantic saying for today
"All the birds in the world carrying poems in their wings
 could never tell the happiness I feel just loving you"
Marion Schoeberlein



Baby Bunnies

Hi Everyone
 Happy Tuesday

Our Backyard  is private and peaceful and 
brimming with new life

Over the last few days the baby birds have started to chirp in the birdhouse
 and the bunnies have appeared too they
to eat the grass in the backyard

We could not be happier to have them feast on the grass
It is such fun to watch the Mommy bunny protecting her baby
she keeps a watchful eye at all times

 {we let them eat the grass so they don't eat the carrots, lettuce,radishes,tomatoes and artichokes}
 planted by our greenhouse 

Happy First Day of Spring

romantic saying for today
"With you by my side the world is a grand adventure"



Bike basket

Hi Everyone
 Happy Monday
It was a wet and wonderful weekend
filled with giggles and laughter, chick flicks and fun
After Church  the sun was shining  for a  few minutes
and the whole family went 
for a  quick bike ride around the bay
This little bike basket is perfect for our bikes 
 the hooks on the back so you can hang it anywhere
 even on the edge of this
 pretty pink wooden chair
On our bike ride rain started to fall and it turned bitter cold 
so we headed Home then the
 the sun was shining again
we even had a beautiful rainbow  right over the house
Our backyard with a double rainbow

The Purple blue Pride of Madeira flowers look
 like bunny ears
 peeking out of  the basket

Having our daughter Home and our family all together
 brings a Joy
that seeps through every activity  and conversation 
Makes even watching the rain fall  a memory that I treasure
The sound of laughter and giggles still rings in my ears
My heart is filled to overflowing with gratitude  and an all encompassing

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romantic saying for today
"A Joyful heart is the inevitable result of a heart burning with Love"
Mother Teresa



Vintage pink scale

Hi Everyone
 Happy Saturday
Happy Saint Patrick's Day
The forecast called for rain all day today
 and over the weekend too
 so what a surprise it was
 when it turned out to be another warm and sunny day
{what a great job being a weatherperson is you can be wrong and no one really gets mad}

Our Sons Varsity baseball team played in a  pre season tournament 
Championship game today it was
 rescheduled due to the weather forecast for tomorrow  calling for a total down pour so everything was sped up 24 hours 
 At the same time our daughter arrived home for spring break  from Texas 
It was a fun and exciting day

So Blessed and Grateful to have everyone all together under one roof at
or as I like to say all our ducks in the pond

Look what our daughter brought home from Texas
 A fabulous vintage pink scale
Y'all this is just  too cute
She brought it home on the plane with her in her checked luggage Thank goodness for Southwest Airlines
This is one heavy scale

I hope you all have a fabulous
St Patrick's day 
 rain or shine
You get to be with the ones you
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romantic saying for today
"I don't want sunbursts or marble halls I just want you"
L.M. Montgomery