Spring roses

  Hi Everyone
 Happy Saturday
Spring is here and it is time to think about planting roses
this year along with more White Iceberg roses 
we have planted pink Cecile Brunner roses

They have the most amazing fragrance for such a tiny rose

They look and smell like spring

These little pink roses remind me of the roses my Grandmother
 had in her backyard they are a miniature rose too

She would have 
these pink roses in the little yellow ceramic shoe she gave me
She was an amazing gardener
She grew her own vegetables and flowers
I think of her every spring when we
 plant roses and vegetables
 in our garden too

It is always so wonderful to watch nature in action 
to see the flowers blooming, birds singing, bees pollinating
 and watch the beauty blooming all around us
Have a wonderful weekend
linking for Pink Saturday

romantic saying for today
"Loves words are sweet and strong like the fragrance of a rose"



  1. Love your roses in the yellow shoe. Is that ceramic? Very pretty, I have used a similar way to display flowers too-come by for a visit.

  2. Hi Pam! Oh, what a darling little yellow shoe and I know it holds sweet memories in your heart. Good luck with your roses.
    be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  3. What a lovely post - a wonderful tribute to your loving Grandma, and those roses one can practically smell, so beautiful.

    Thank you!

  4. Oh so pretty Pam, I know Cecile Brunner roses well ~ very dainty with a divine scent ~

  5. Love the tiny pink roses...so delicate...so lovely

  6. How beautiful, Pam! The pale color of those roses is just awesome! My grandmother had a beautiful backyard garden, too. I loved to play out there as a child... :)

    xoox laurie


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