Vintage Chandelier

Hi Everyone
 Happy Friday

This vintage crystal chandelier it is the star
  in our dining room 

When we first moved in our Home there was
 no overhead lighting at all
so we had a  big design challenge

We knew we wanted to hang a chandelier
over the dining room table
 and were thrilled to find this beauty at
 Matildas Mouse sale for 
$250 dollars

So after getting estimates and trying to figure out if there was hidden
  electrical power anywhere in the ceiling

We found electrical near the wall and ran a
 swagged chain to the middle of the room

So Grateful
we were able to find a solution and stay within our budget too
Adding the chandelier over the table changed the entire feeling in the room
 adding elegance and charm

If you have not been to Matildas Mouse sale I highly recommend it
Fabulous vintage treasures all housed in an old barn  in Valley Center
at  the house once owned by Betty Crocker
The sale is held once a month and starts today and through the weekend
linking for Vintage Inspiration Friday

romantic saying for today
"All the birds in the world carrying poems in their wings
 could never tell the happiness I feel just loving you"
Marion Schoeberlein



  1. Absolutely love the blog! just added you to my follow list, can't wait to see more updates!

    Hope you find the time to check out mine!


  2. gorgeous chandy! and I love the swag!

  3. Such a gorgeous chandelier!!! I love the stars on it, too! The add a bit of whimsy and magic!

  4. What a beautiful home and blog you have! Your chandelier is totally gorgeous, and the way that you've hung it makes it look even more spectacular. I could gush on and on, but I'll stop here before I bore you! Suffice to say that I have joined your lovely blog, and will be back for more!

  5. Oh Pam, that chandy looks awesome - you are right, it really had to change the room up.

    YAY, I love happy stories that work out- makes all the ones that didn't just disappear from one's mind.

    Have a GREAT weekend!!

  6. Just gives it all the more charm!

  7. I love that chandy!!! It looks amazing, and the swagged chain is so romantic too~great buy it is a beauty! I'll be pinning this one Pam!

  8. Just lovely! It adds so muck sparklig and a special taste

  9. It's beautiful, Pam! Sometimes they put those electrical ceiling boxes nowhere near where a table would sit. We had to do a small swag over ours, too.

  10. Everything is so beautiful. Sigh...I would love to have that chandelier in my art room Hugs!!

  11. WOW breathtaking chandy.I love it.Looks perfect right there.

  12. Oh Wow! What a beautiful chandelier! It looks perfect!


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