Baby Bunnies

Hi Everyone
 Happy Tuesday

Our Backyard  is private and peaceful and 
brimming with new life

Over the last few days the baby birds have started to chirp in the birdhouse
 and the bunnies have appeared too they
to eat the grass in the backyard

We could not be happier to have them feast on the grass
It is such fun to watch the Mommy bunny protecting her baby
she keeps a watchful eye at all times

 {we let them eat the grass so they don't eat the carrots, lettuce,radishes,tomatoes and artichokes}
 planted by our greenhouse 

Happy First Day of Spring

romantic saying for today
"With you by my side the world is a grand adventure"



  1. Oh, how sweet! Right for the spring time, they have arrived... I love them and I remember, that when we went to Italy to my grandmother on Easter, she had always some babies, like these!
    Hugs, Barbara

  2. I love that first photo, beautiful. The bunnies are hopping by me too.

  3. Such beautiful views you have! I wouldn't mind watching a few cute bunnies hop around in my yard!

  4. Wow...what a fantastic backyard...do you ever work? or leave?

  5. What beautiful images you have me seeing in my minds eye. Thanks ever so much for sharing this beautiful tale. Cheers SpecialK XoXo

  6. what a beautiful back yard...thanks for sharing! :)chris

  7. Oh Pam...what a beautiful back yard you have! And those bunnies are so cute...I'll be showing your post to my girls when they get home from school, they'll think it's adorable :)
    Cas x


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