Kitchen Chalkboard

Hi Everyone
Happy Tuesday
 kitchens with chalkboards
they always make my heart skip a beat
notice the color of the chalkboard
in this photo from
The sliding barn door is pretty amazing too
The chalkboard in this kitchen is the perfect size and shape 
still a favorite did you notice the details
the vintage stove, kitchen aid mixer, enamelware bread box
the open shelf for the glassware, the farmhouse sink

I found this chalkboard a few years ago 
the green !!!!
This is a great idea painting just the inside panel of the
pantry door , simple and not too overwhelming
 this picture is from Country living magazine found here
did you know you can customize the color of  chalkboard paint 
I found this fabulous Rust-oleum paint
at Home Depot 
You can mix the chalkboard paint to match any of these fun colors
The chalkboard can even be pink!!!!

the green tint to this chalkboard
A  black chalkboard is just too dark for our kitchen
can't wait to show you what we are painting
linking at My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia
Cozy Home Party

What color would you choose for
your kitchen chalkboard?

romantic saying for today

"I look inside my heart and I always find you there"
Lori Eberhardy



Pain Francais

Hi Everyone
Happy Monday
French bread
I have been enjoying making 
fresh homemade  bread with our new
Kitchen-aid stand mixer
 ~Shes a cutie~
Built to last forever and so easy to use
I have to admit I was a little intimidated at first  so I did what any inexperienced person would do
I watched the most hilarious You Tube videos on how to use your kitchen aid mixer 
technology is wonderful
 Now that I am almost a pro at this
{notice how I was able to lift the top}
baby steps..
I am scouring all of my vintage cook books

 I have an eclectic collection 

Do you have a  great bread recipe you could share with me?
I would be grateful
to try your family favorite
I am thinking of making a romantic "pain francais" for my handsome valentine this year
romantic saying for today
"May your heart always find a way home to me"



Valentine Gift ideas

Hi Everyone
Happy Saturday
Many of you have asked me where to find the 
pillow cases that I ordered a few months ago for our Anniversary
you can find them at
 and  Cox and Cox 
carries them in cream
These initial cups from Cox and Cox are pretty cute too
perfect for a valentine gift filled with candy
you can fill them with flowers too
Sometimes it the simple gifts that mean the most
Can you believe it is almost February?

linking for Pink Saturday
romantic saying for today

"Love conquers all things"



Crown Centerpiece

Hi Everyone
Happy Friday
This crown was the perfect centerpiece for our table 
with just a few pink roses
tucked inside it looked 
sweet and elegant 
for a lovely luncheon yesterday

to dress up the table  
and for 5.99 for a few pink roses
from Trader Joe's
it shows that you don't have to spend 
a lot of money  to make a
pretty centerpiece
So fun to have friends over and treat them all royally
All the Ladies received giant silver chocolate
to take home too
or eat in the car on the way

 Isn't it fun to use things in unusual ways
 the crown is actually a candle holder for the garden
but it looked perfect inside on the table
just the right size and shape
The vintage doorknob was a big hit too
I have learned you can't wait for the house to be perfect
to have a celebration
{the new guest bathroom is still a work in progress}
looks like a big mess
everyone had a great time anyway

What a wonderful day being surrounded by the laughter and love
of good friends
Don't wait to celebrate!
romantic saying for today

"Life is a paradise for those who Love"
Leo Buscaglia



Porcelain door knobs

 Hi Everyone
Happy Wednesday

 These vintage white door knobs
are different sizes
The smaller set on the right is just a bit smaller
than the one on the left
their rusty vintage charm
 Fun to use
  in unusual ways

 They look great with all the white in the kitchen
tomorrow I am hosting a luncheon

I grabbed the Evian bottles with the white lace
they add such a pretty feminine look to the table
The menu is Brie and french bread with curry chicken salad

Can't wait to serve the Brie on our new cheese plates
  the small door knob is going to be used 
as a knife rest 

Still need to pick some flowers 
and make a dessert

This little milk bottle will hold cream for the coffee and tea
the larger vintage white porcelain door knob will
work perfect as a stopper
So fun to have friends over for lunch
can't wait to see everyone and to use all the
  white vintage treasures
Friends are like flowers in the garden of life!!!

romantic saying for today
"True Love has a beginning and no end"



Not so Lazy Susan

Hi Everyone
Happy Tuesday
our  carrera marble
~Lazy Susans~

This large one sitting on our kitchen counter
usually holds a large bowl of fruit
The kids like to spin it
to see all of the choices in the bowl
 {great for holding the lemons for our water}

Over the weekend a
sweet wonderful friend found us this unusual sized
small  marble lazy susan
It looks right at home
Marble lazy susans have an old world look and feel
Don't you wonder how they got their name
Lazy Susan
 the name just does not seem elegant enough for such a beautiful treasure

So grateful for such a thoughtful friend
Do you look for vintage treasures for your friends too?
Usually we shop together so we know what each other collects
That's what fabulous friends are for!!!!!

romantic saying for today
  "Live here in my heart forever"



Valentine Hearts ♥

Hi Everyone
Happy Monday
Its always so fun to see the
Valentines candy appear 

Do You like candy
conversation hearts

I like them but I don't eat them
I remember when my friends and I were little
we would get so excited to get a box of these hearts
for Valentines day
We would save our boxes and when we were all together
we would all ask one question
the most popular question of coarse was
Does he like me?
and then each one of us would shake out one candy heart

A "Yes"   candy heart 
would  make us all giggle

 I always have to buy a box of these candy
hearts every year....
 I still smile when I shake out the first piece
to see what it will say

and I still  giggle when I read 
"Crazy for You"
"True Love"
~Some things never change~
romantic saying for today
" When you are in Love it shows"
Andy Rooney



Color of Love

 Hi Everyone
Happy Saturday
If you had to describe 
as a color what color would it be
Red for a fiery passion
Blue for a calm affection
Yellow for a caring friendship
Orange which is rich and fruitful
Lavender is gentle and kind
Purple for a royal and giving relationship
White for a pure and ever growing connection
 Pink  for a sweet and happy romantic
Yesterday a few friends and I went to the Del Mar Antique show
I found this adorable
vintage pink basket
 I was looking for a side table for our 
big comfy kitchen chair
 This basket was a perfect fit and now I
even have space for storage
{too hide magazines and stuff in a hurry}

the  fabulous wooden top 
the shape and 
the color 
Pink is the universal color of
linking for Pink Saturday
 romantic saying for today

"This bud of love by summers ripening breath 
may prove a beauteous flower when next we meet"