Porcelain door knobs

 Hi Everyone
Happy Wednesday

 These vintage white door knobs
are different sizes
The smaller set on the right is just a bit smaller
than the one on the left
their rusty vintage charm
 Fun to use
  in unusual ways

 They look great with all the white in the kitchen
tomorrow I am hosting a luncheon

I grabbed the Evian bottles with the white lace
they add such a pretty feminine look to the table
The menu is Brie and french bread with curry chicken salad

Can't wait to serve the Brie on our new cheese plates
  the small door knob is going to be used 
as a knife rest 

Still need to pick some flowers 
and make a dessert

This little milk bottle will hold cream for the coffee and tea
the larger vintage white porcelain door knob will
work perfect as a stopper
So fun to have friends over for lunch
can't wait to see everyone and to use all the
  white vintage treasures
Friends are like flowers in the garden of life!!!

romantic saying for today
"True Love has a beginning and no end"



  1. I've been looking for some old milk bottles...they are expensive!

    I love yours♥


  2. LOVe..love...love doorknobs!lol! how ingenious!

  3. OH MY love this post.
    and the quote ;)

    good call on the knife rests too!!! <3
    happy white weds

  4. Beautiful collection of White ~ I love the way you took these photos & the treasures are wonderful....

  5. Next to crystal knobs I love porcelian.

  6. So pretty. I would love to change out all the doorknobs in our home!

  7. I love vintage knobs.I don't see the porcelain knobs as much as the crystal ones.I remember my Grandmother had the crystal door knobs.I used to think they were big diamonds LOL!

  8. What a beautiful blog and such romantic style! I really like the look of old door knobs and have a few around here somewhere......I think I need to go find them now!

    Thanks for coming by my blog. I sure appreciate it and hope you come back and visit often.

  9. Looks like it will be a lovely luncheon! Love the use of your porcelain knobs as a knife holder. I have those PB cheese boards too and love them! Your photos are wonderful and your arrangements always so artistic! :)

  10. How clever to use your lovely doorknob as a knife rest!

  11. What a great idea. I love it.

  12. I love the door know, you are the clever one. Amazing what we can come up with when we think outside the square. Thanks so much for sharing. Cheers SpecialK XoXo


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