Not so Lazy Susan

Hi Everyone
Happy Tuesday
our  carrera marble
~Lazy Susans~

This large one sitting on our kitchen counter
usually holds a large bowl of fruit
The kids like to spin it
to see all of the choices in the bowl
 {great for holding the lemons for our water}

Over the weekend a
sweet wonderful friend found us this unusual sized
small  marble lazy susan
It looks right at home
Marble lazy susans have an old world look and feel
Don't you wonder how they got their name
Lazy Susan
 the name just does not seem elegant enough for such a beautiful treasure

So grateful for such a thoughtful friend
Do you look for vintage treasures for your friends too?
Usually we shop together so we know what each other collects
That's what fabulous friends are for!!!!!

romantic saying for today
  "Live here in my heart forever"



  1. I have a wood Susan but yours are really beautiful!

  2. I had a big wooden one in the middle of my big wooden table~so useful! I love the lazy susan in marble. Very french!

  3. pretty roses :)
    i like the title too...xoxo

  4. Pam, I love that they are made from marble. They look *perfect* in your kitchen!


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