Valentine Hearts ♥

Hi Everyone
Happy Monday
Its always so fun to see the
Valentines candy appear 

Do You like candy
conversation hearts

I like them but I don't eat them
I remember when my friends and I were little
we would get so excited to get a box of these hearts
for Valentines day
We would save our boxes and when we were all together
we would all ask one question
the most popular question of coarse was
Does he like me?
and then each one of us would shake out one candy heart

A "Yes"   candy heart 
would  make us all giggle

 I always have to buy a box of these candy
hearts every year....
 I still smile when I shake out the first piece
to see what it will say

and I still  giggle when I read 
"Crazy for You"
"True Love"
~Some things never change~
romantic saying for today
" When you are in Love it shows"
Andy Rooney



  1. Oh how I love those hearts. Yes I remember the memories of asking the question does he love me! Florence

  2. NO MUSIC!!!!!
    now i wont get in trouble when the song comes on when i am looking in class!!! :)
    yay xoxo

  3. Hi Pam, Your post tonight brought back some wonderful memories. Everybody had to have a box of candy hearts. We always picked out the ones we wanted. Have you ever tried to make sentences using candy hearts? I have enjoyed reading your blog while I take a break from my embroidering. Have a great week. A Missouri Friend.

  4. I love candy conversation hearts, and I have some table linens with conversation hearts. I have been trying to find some little dishes, but I have been unsuccessful *sadface*

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  6. Those are always so sweet.My daughter actually loves to eat these.I won't eat them.But I love to put them out.

  7. The quintessential Valentine candy! :)



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