Vintage Shopping Test # 10

Hi Everyone
 Happy Saturday
Are you ready to test 
your vintage shopping skills again?
Vintage perfume bottles are quite unique
It always surprises me that the perfume was transferred into a different bottle
Most of the perfume we buy today
 already comes in pretty bottles
Perfume bottles are so feminine and romantic they
are so fun to collect

Here is the first perfume bottle it is so adorable 
with its pink daisy flowers and  white polka dots
it has a pretty silver stopper too

The second perfume bottle is all glass including the glass stopper
and  it has very beautiful  curvy details
One of these perfume bottles is brand new and the other one is vintage 
Do you think you know the answer?

 Both of these perfume bottles are unique and beautiful
 but the real vintage treasure is the second perfume bottle
the one on the right
 It is all glass with a art deco design and is a real vintage treasure
How did you do
Did you guess right?
Does anyone know what these pink/purple flowers are called?
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romantic saying for today

"My true love hath my heart and I have his"



  1. ♥ ur bottles, they're gorgeous - new or vintage, they do the trick for beauty, indeed!

  2. Pam, I guessed the deco bottle. It's absolutely gorgeous. I love the geometric feel of this piece. I have a friend who has collected French perfume bottles. Her pieces are all very small. Perhaps they were for one's purse. She has them grouped on a silver tray on her dresser. Exquisite!

  3. I guessed wrong. But they both are beautiful.
    I think a collection would be a wonderful thing to have sprinkled all around my dresser.


  4. I love both bottles...not sure about the flowers..but they are pretty!
    Happy pink!

  5. Love your post. I have a few very vitage perfume bottles, but not big enough for a flower.

  6. Imagens exuberantes!Lindas!Amei!!

  7. J'ai customisé les miennes ,je culpabilise je n'aurais peut ètre pas dû ,mais elles sont trés belles aussi sur un plateau d'argent !!

  8. Hi, Pam...thanks for coming by my place and leaving such a nice comment.
    I, too, am a lover of white ironstone. I have quite a few pieces and always looking for more. :)
    I am a follower so I'll be stopping by often. Pls come back to see me when you can.
    xo bj

  9. Lovely post, Pam. I love your perfume bottles. I did guess correctly. I have a very small collection of vintage perfume bottles, and I have one quite similar to yours which belonged to my mother when she was a young girl.

    Happy Pink Saturday.♥


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