Vintage Monograms

 Hi Everyone
 Happy Monday
Did you know that during the 1800-1900's
cloth napkins were reused by the same person for an entire day...
or even a week
Because napkins had to be hand washed , hung outside to dry and then ironed,
 they were reused for
 breakfast, lunch and dinner
The used cloth napkin would be rolled in a
monogrammed napkin ring at the ready
 for the next meal
 Every person in the family had their own monogrammed napkin ring
 so the cloth napkins were not used by someone else

Each Napkin ring had its own unique detailing
 some had filigree on the edges
 some were embellished with flowers
The silver had to be polished too unlike here at our home

These vintage silver napkin rings tell a story of the past
A time of elegance
 our bling
napkin rings

 We are all grateful we do not have to re-use the same cloth napkin
 for every meal or for a week at a time...

 to use them for special occasions

romantic saying for today

"Your Love is as pure and sweet as honey"



  1. Yes I learned that once, as I went to my friend Betsy's house and we sat in her dining room. I pushed all the napkins in a pile to the side so we could set up our laptops...after we were done she told me that now she would have to wash them as I had mixed them up!! There was one for her, one for dad and one for mum....

  2. I am thankful for paper napkins today! They come in so many pretty colours and patterns. I enjoyed this post and have thought about using cloth napkins but for the cleaning of them. Now I know why the napkin rings were monogrammed!

  3. Beautiful rings. I used some for the first time Sunday. My parents downsized and I brought some of the overflow home to cherish. With just the two of us during the week it's easy to do them up. We had a couple of dinner parties lately though and I had almost 30 to do today.

  4. Had too comment as my name is Pam too. I will be the third to comment. Love your blog and as I always say I scroll to the romantic quote each day... Enjoy your evening..

  5. Love the monograms and the napkins. Your blog is amazing. LOVE all the ironstone and your house. Keep all the pictures coming!

  6. Pamela. Me han encantado estos servilleteros. Algunas veces he tenido ocasión de usarlos. Como me han gustado mucho esta tarde - hora de España- haré un post en los que aparezcan en http://almacendeinspiraciones.blogspot.com.es/. Gracias


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