Dining Alfresco

Hi Everyone
 Happy Friday
  This summer has been hot even here in Southern California
We have been dining alfresco to keep cool
dinners have been lighter fare mostly salads and fruit

Spinach salad with  freshly  picked strawberries
 from the garden and sliced almonds

 Fresh bread 
 { thank you trader joes}
and a few apples from our tree 
with a variety of cheese
All ready to go
onto the table outside

Eating outside reminds us of our  trips to France
 they dine alfresco with such ease
for some reason eating outside makes us slow down 
we don't rush
we savor the moment
 and the the meal

To smell the freshly cut grass
  to feel the evenings cool breeze

It is always fun to add a few cut flowers from the garden
light the candles
 add a little romance to the evening.....

How are you staying cool this summer?
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 romantic saying for today

"Two souls with but a single thought "



  1. Oh Pam what a lovely post.

    Even hot there you can dine outdoors? NO WAY could we here in central Ohio, it's been so unbearable humid and hot in high 90s and low 100s - the heat is one thing but the humidity - well, no way - no flowers, no wax candles, no dining at ALL - it's been the worst summer EVER.

    Your view, your dining space - I shall live vicariously through you, because your post was heavenly to my eyes and spirit.

    May I please come to visit? I'll bring the wine......

  2. Love eating outside. Summer is the best, and thank God for the beautiful weather!

  3. I envy you, Pam! Michele is right ~ it has been horrible to be outside here in Ohio. I go out to run errands in the morning so I'm home before noon. I'd love to sit outside even in the evening with some wine and chat with hubby, but it is the hottest part of the day here at 6/7:00 at night! Crazy. You've got such a great yard and view, it must be a real pleasure to even just sit there quietly together.

  4. Pam you have created PARADISE~!! Thank you for sharing~!! xokathee

  5. P a r a d i s e...indeed. loving your view...and your table. I wanna come too, I will bring whatever you want. LOL....

    ~ Lisa from Indiana ~

  6. Good food, beautiful scenery, who could ask for more? Lovely!

  7. Beautiful photos. We also eat outside when we can, but here we had the most rainy summer for years. Hope for a better august. Bay the way, I love your TV vacation. That is such a good idea.

    Hugs from here

  8. Thank you for joining me at Home Sweet Home!


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