Pretty Paint Colors

Hi Everyone
 Happy Saturday
 I am so sorry to all of you who have been trying to visit
 ~White Ironstone Cottage~
the past few days
We were Hijacked YES
Someone was able to add a "gadget"  on my blog YIKES and redirected everyone to another site
I was not alone it happened to other bloggers  too
I had no idea what was going on
 It took me several days to finally figure it out
so grateful to have you all back and very
Grateful that the hijacking is over

Many of you have asked me about the
 paint colors in our Home
The first place we will start with is the
 heart of our Home our kitchen
The paint in this room is light and clean 
The walls are painted 
Ralph Lauren Nantucket White
 the trim and beadboard
 Behr Ultra Pure White
 high gloss enamel
Here in the dining room the walls are painted
Dolphin fin by Behr
 a soft grey that is one of my new favorite colors
the  trim and built in china cabinet are painted
 Behr high gloss white enamel
 the way the white pops against the gray
Our living room walls are
 Ralph Lauren Crab Apple
 with you guessed it Ultra pure white trim on the windows and crown molding
Crab apple is a beautiful beach sand shade that is a wonderful neutral
being able to quickly change the decor in this room
with just a few accessories because of the neutral color on the walls

The entry color is a custom shade
The wonderful thing about paint is you can get a custom color made to match anything

I {love} paint chips but they can be deceiving
 here is a great tip if you find a color you like on a paint chip
 get a sample of the lightest color
the top one on the  paint chip
 and paint the color on a wood paint stick
when it is dry tape it to the wall
You can always go darker and a sample paint is very
 inexpensive Dunn and Edwards is only 3.94

Another tip is to stick with just a few colors for consistency
we have just  four colors throughout our home
plus white trim and ceilings and some floors
it keeps the home flowing from room to room

I know that adding color can seem daunting but I always say
 if you don't like the color you can always  repaint it
 I {love} the way the white details pop with a color on the walls
 and paint adds warmth and character to any home

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romantic saying for today

"To Be Loved be Lovable"



  1. Your home is so bright and airy. I love the soft colours you have chosen. Beautiful home!

  2. Beautiful Pam, so clean and bright! I am getting ready to paint my walls vintage white. I can't wait! Right now they are a dark green..Ciao Rita

    1. Hi Rita, I love your kitchen so full of color but of coarse vintage white is my fav LOL
      Can't wait to see the before and after pic's
      Hope all is well with you and the family

  3. Pam, your home is one of my favorites in blogland! Thanks for sharing your paint colors with us. I had no idea about the hijacking. How in the world did that happen? Scary!

    By the way, I really like the dolphin fin color. (I like all of them, but the dolphin fin is soooooo lovely)....

    I hope you are having a wonderful weekend, my dear!


    1. Hi Ricki Jill
      Hi Sweet friend
      Someone hacked a bunch of blogs all at once very strange I am just grateful to have found a solution
      I LOVE the dolphin fin color it is so soft and romantic
      Hope all is well with you and the family

  4. Very pretty colors, Pam! We seem to have the same color throughout the main part of the house, although we will be painting it soon. We will probably stick with something similar especially since it is all open in the living areas. The guest bedroom is the only room that is a "color" along with the main bathroom. It looks like the same color in the main part of the house was used in the master bedroom and bathroom. Not sure if we will paint those areas yet, but it's always nice to have paint colors to look at!

    1. Hi Kathy,
      Painting is such a fun way to make a change
      I can't wait to see the before and after pic's
      Let me know what you color you decide to paint

  5. Everything is beautiful. Glad you worked out the problems.

    1. Thanks so much I am grateful too
      Grateful for your visit

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  7. So pretty and delightful! Visiting from Pink Saturday.

    Pink Slushy Magic, come and see.

  8. Your house and furniture are beautiful. I love the soft colors, the bright whites and the slip covered furniture. I love it all! The fact that someone was able to add a gadget to your site is scary. How did you find out? My blog is very small with only a few but much loved members so I don't think anyone would do that to mine but if they did, I am so I.T. challenged I wouldn't know what to do!

    1. Hi Ann It was a hacker who hit several blogs all at once
      Very eerie... I was on the blogger forum for hours
      so grateful it was fixable a great lesson to run virus scans and change passwords often

  9. Those darn spammers.......eeeekkkkk

    But Pammmmmmm, I am so excited to get this post. YOU know I have been waiting to find out your paint colors. They are sooooooo beautiful. I went to 3 antique stores today looking for a pink enamel bucket. Noooo luck :) I have fallen in love with yours. Heck, I am in love with your entire home. Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing with all of us followers. YAY....

    ~ Lisa from Indiana ~

    1. Hi Lisa,
      So excited to see your before and after pic's
      Have fun painting
      It always feels so wonderful to put the room back together after a room is painted
      Keep me posted on the changes :) Pleeeez

  10. Enjoyed visiting and seeing your lovely home. I thought I had all the crazy computer/blog issues, but never heard of being hijacked. I certainly would not know what to do.

    1. It was the most frustrating situation
      so grateful to have found a solution
      I am an ex flight attendant so it felt like someone had hijacked my blog
      Thanks for the visit

  11. so appealing...those dang hijackers...I would like to be shotgun on their karma bus

  12. Love your blog!! Found you via the blog hop :) I am SO glad I did!!
    Love your taste and style.


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