Vintage Trophy

 Hi Everyone
 Happy Wednesday

One small silver trophy can start a collection....
What was one adorable  second place sailing trophy
{ the little middle trophy}
 became two the one on the left is from 1913 and then
 there were three vintage silver trophies the one on the right is from 1940
all different sizes and shapes
{This is how a collection starts my friends}
 ~Vintage Silver Trophies~
that all capture a moment in time
 they  all tell a story of the past  not only in their design
 but in their beauty too
Now a larger trophy a bit crooked
 and not as fancy has found its way to our home
 and stolen my heart forever
This one from our son who found it at a garage sale for me
He handed it to me when he got home and said
I thought you might like this
It is a 1933
 La Jolla Country Club Presidents Cup trophy
He paid $14 dollars for it

I am still so overwhelmed and grateful for his thoughtfulness
this treasure is not just special 
It is a treasure of the heart

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romantic saying for today

"Nothing is impossible to a willing heart"



  1. Oh what a great collection and what a blessing that your son is so thoughtful!!

  2. Yep...it doesn't take much to start a collection. I came across a trophy bowl for best vegetable exhibit from a fair. Just too cool and they're so much fun to display!

  3. I too collect Trophies, Love them! They look so good all together.~Cheers Kim

  4. I love the look of these old trophies. We have a really old oneo from somebody in my husband's mother's family. It's so old bad been passed down so many times that nobody remembers who the guy was LOL! When we were going through her things after she passed, I couldn't believe that nobody wanted the trophy. I snatched it up and it sits on my work desk. I think it's so cool! Hugs, Leena

  5. Hi Pam!
    I love your collection! They make quite a statement when grouped together like you have them.
    What a thoughtful son you have :-)))

  6. Hi Pam, I love how your Son is so thoughtful and how he knows his Mother so well. I love the trophy collection. You make everything look so charming. I cannot wait for your post on all your paint colors. In the meantime, I am.doing all the prep woerk to get ready to paint my walls, etc. I have a beautiful hutch I bought off of Craigslist to paint too...guess what color? WHITE of course o_o

    ~ Lisa from Indiana ~

  7. LOVE your collection! I only have 1, but I think I need more :)

  8. And such a beautiful collection it is:-) Loving your white snapdragons in it as well. I wanted to buy some at the store as I don't have any growing this year, but alas, I told my self that I have plenty of other flowers blooming in my garden right now....but they were so lovely:-)


  9. That's what makes a family, a family. They just 'get' you. How lucky you are To have such a sweet son. Family, doesn't ask questions about why we want that beat up curbside junk, I mean treasure. They just go get the truck, and then help you load it



  10. Oh by the way, I have such trophy envy right now. I could just imagine the acceptance speech you could give for receiving such an important prize in the junking world. :)



  11. Love this collection (and I love the vintage price tag too)!


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