Vintage Wedding Cake Topper

 Hi Everyone
 Happy Monday
With a Wedding in the family happening
 in a few weeks we all have what I am calling
~Wedding fever~
It is amazing how much goes into planning  a destination Wedding
 especially on a Island
everything has to be brought in by boat or plane
 the logistics has been like landing a stealth bomber
 on a mini aircraft carrier
 Being a born romantic 
everything about Weddings
Above is a picture of the wedding topper my Parents had on their wedding cake
It got broken a few years ago and we put it back together as best we could can you see the cracks?

Here they are
on their wedding day in 1955
 Their Wedding cake topper
makes me smile because as you can see both of my Parents had dark hair
 and this couple has blonde hair?
so funny
I am so grateful to have this family  treasure 

Vintage Cake toppers are a popular treasure to collect

The soon to be Bride and Groom are trying to decide 
 what to put on top of their Wedding cake

The flowers on the top of this Wedding cake
 look simple and gorgeous
 the ivy and pink roses
but what if you want to keep the topper as an heirloom?


This rustic adorable grapevine heart would be cute
 for a garden country Wedding

 this simple wire heart too
We need ideas for the cake topper
for the upcoming Wedding
I would {Love} to hear from YOU
 what did you have on the top of your Wedding Cake?
I will show you soon  what we had on the top of our Wedding cake
it started a lifelong collection

romantic saying for today

"Today I give my heart to you and only you forever"



  1. I love weddings too! My mom is a professional wedding cake decorator (I just did a post on it in fact!) so I have seen everything you can imagine! I love Cinderella so I had a Cinderella snow globe on my wedding cake. It was the scence after the wedding where the birds are holding up the corners of her veil!


  2. Shells would be pretty!!
    I like the wood heart

  3. Olá...

    Eu gostei, além dos enfeites e do bolo, da mesa de azulejo(é assim que se fala aí?)Mesa de azulejo branco, onde os bonequinhos do bolo de seus pais, estão..linda mesa de azulejo...amei...

  4. As rosas brancas, parece um pintura, o buquê....

  5. Hi Pam, Weddings are fun to plan. I still have our cake topper from our wedding. The traditional bride and groom under the arch with flowers on it. Now a days they do so many different things. Have a wonderful day. A Missouri Friend.

  6. Beautiful wedding cakes as well as wedding cake toppers. I love it! Thanks for sharing this post to us.

  7. Your parent's wedding topper is fabulous! We are fortunate to have a "family" wedding cake topper to use in my daughter's wedding :)



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