Homegrown vs Storebought

Hi Everyone
 Happy Monday
 These apples are from our tree
and to be honest with you
 we all had to get use to these apples looking less beautiful
 than the store bought ones 
since they are not shiny as a car
 or without blemishes
they did not look as good to eat

But all it took was one bite of the home grown apples 
to be forever in
 with them
They have the most fabulous flavor
juicy, sweet,crunchy and delicious
The home grown tomatoes are so sweet there is no comparison at all
They taste so wonderful we just slice them up
 and drizzle a bit of home made vinaigrette on them
or pop them in our mouth as is.....
Don't get me started on the plums, apricots and strawberry's 
All of the fruit and vegetables we are growing 
taste completely different than store bought
they are all delicious
even the lemons are richer and sweeter
No pesticides, no car wax shine, just amazing taste
It is sad that we are all so conditioned to buying and eating
 fruit that taste bland but looks perfect on the outside
 Freshly picked fruit taste so much better,  now the entire family is spoiled
 we can all tell immediately if  fruit has pesticides on it
not only can we see it
 we can taste it
 having fresh homegrown fruit and vegetables on the table for the family
~ Feels and tastes Like Summer~
Gardening is so rewarding
What are you growing in your garden
I wish we could grow blackberries here in Southern California

romantic saying for today

"Sometimes there is more Love in silence than in words"



  1. i totally agree that our homegrown stuff is superior in every way (even if my strawberry adn blueberry harvest is teeeeeeeny tiny!).

    stop by if you have a moment as i just posted a giveaway:

    smiles to you.


  2. These look wonderful and are so much healthier I'm sure without the pesticides. Love you house and blog. Could you tell me if you made the heart on your front door? Is is chalk?

  3. You are so fortunate to
    be in a warm sunny climate that
    is so perfect for growing so
    many wonderful things, Pam!
    You are right, there is nothing
    better than homegrown. Such a difference!

    We have mulberries and strawberries in our
    yard, but nothing else. Too many deer
    around to grow vegetables without building
    a serious cage system around them!

    Enjoy your week!

  4. hope you can stop by when you have a free moment to take a peek at my giveaway:

    have a beautiful day!


  5. Yep -- nothing like homegrown. I so miss my grandparents orchard ----- those "Transparent" apples made the best applesauce. I still like my applesauce warm.

  6. I love homegrown anything. We have a growing orchard but not ready to eat. Can't wait for our apples, pears, peaches, plums to be producing.

    We do have a big apple orchard down the road from where we live and I have started getting apples from him every fall. You are right that they are not shiny and perfectly pretty, but oh my, they are delicious.

  7. Just beautiful... We DO have blackberries here, in the Pacific Northwest, and do all we can to get rid of the darn things. They just pop up everywhere and go to town. We are growing huckleberries, however, and trying to keep the birdies at bay so we can have some for ourveryownselves. :-)

    Have a great weekend.



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