Vintage Shopping Tip #7

Hi Everyone
 Happy Wednesday
Here is one of the vintage treasures we
 found at the Irvine Flea Market
It is funky, charming and full of possibilities
 the simplicity and all the storage space
It would look great in the laundry room filled with laundry soaps
or even in a bathroom for storage
This little piece looks like it is smiling
A happy vintage treasure
The milk bottles fit perfectly in the bottom basket cute for
flowers too
This piece was being used for display by the dealer
 I asked if she was interested in selling it
She hesitated than said yes
I was thrilled
~Vintage Shopping Tip #4~
It never hurts to ask?
Don't be afraid to ask if a display item is for sale 
remember everyone selling items is there to make money 
 I know from experience that when asked most people will say 
YES !!!!
and even if they say no
give them your phone number and ask them to call you if they change their mind

What would you use this vintage treasure for in your Home?

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romantic saying for today
"Only you touch my heart for it is only you that I see"




  1. What a great piece you found. I try to always ask about pieces just in case they might be willing to sell. My husband says everything has a price. lol..

  2. Oh I just love that piece!

    I would use it as you have - a floral display.

    Instead of the heart though dangling, I would think a wire hung old medicine bottle with a flower in it, or a bunch of twine tied lavender could be cute too.

    Also that half round piece could easily move up and around and hold rolled up washclothes!

  3. This is such a sweet whimsical piece - I think you displaying it with flowers, bottles and doorknobs is perfect! I like your tip!

  4. Hi Pam,
    What a great piece. I like the idea of using it in the bathroom or laundry room....so many possibilities.


  5. You found a cool piece! I am forever trying to buy the things that are not for sale, .... and sometimes, it works!!! Great tip: it never hurts to ask!
    I'd use it on a garden gate with a welcome sign and flowers.

  6. What a unique piece..I love how you have it too!!! All the best,Chrissy

  7. Pam, glad this little piece found a home with you. I like the idea of using it for soaps, etc. in a laundry room, perhaps with some jars of fresh flowers added in. Or in a kitchen with odd crocks or jars with flatware. I've recently added some crocks on my shelves to hold extra flatware. I need more storage ideas. ;-)


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