Mothers Day Gifts

Hi Everyone
 Happy Wednesday
 Sunday is 
~Mother's day~
This table in our living room holds
 many of the gifts
  I have received for Mother's day over the years that I cherish
Family pictures that were put in pretty frames
{always a favorite gift} 
A glass starfish  from our Son who loves to look for shells and starfish 
on the beach 
and a glass heart from our Daughter who has the sweetest most beautiful  heart I know
The {Love} engraved rock 
my  husband gave me 
with a note that read
"Our Love is solid as a rock"
 The Vintage White Ironstone pitcher a gift from my husband
on  the very first Mothers day after our daughter was born

The White Iceberg roses  growing in the backyard
{can you can see them through the window?}
are a favorite gift for any occasion especially Mothers day!!!!!
they have a great selection at Home Depot right now for 12.99
The pink cabbage roses growing in the yard are called
 Compte de Chombord
They were a Mother's day gift when we moved into this house
 they have grown more beautiful every year
Roses, family pictures and simple treasures
 all gifts from the heart

Love seeing them all
on the table in our Living room for everyone to enjoy
and to remind those  I
how grateful and blessed  I am to be a Wife and Mom

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romantic saying for today
If you have it {Love}, you don't need to have anything else"
Sir James M. Barrie



  1. Such a beautiful display, Pam! What a great view of your roses outside the window! They seem like an extension of your room.

  2. Pam, your vignette with all of your pretty Mother's Day gifts is truly special. I love this post!

  3. So sweet feminine pretty soft elegant nostalgic wonderful and...well I really like it!

  4. AW i love you mommy so grateful for you

  5. You did a great job on that place. Really like it! :)

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