Bees and Burlap

Hi Everyone
 Happy Thursday
This week is the last week of classes for our son
 I wanted to give the Teachers a gift 
I found these adorable burlap wrapped vases with a bee stamp
 at TJ Maxx a couple of weeks ago
they were only 5.99 
Then life got away from me and I realized I needed the gifts
I thought they ended on Friday!!!
 not this morning
Where did the week go?
I was going to bake homemade cookies and fill the vases but there was no time for that so
I had to think of a plan B
 I cut some of the roses from the front yard
Pretty but White Iceberg roses do not have much fragrance
So I cut some of the lavender growing here
{next to the mint which was a huge mistake it takes over everything}
The Lavender smelled so clean and fresh 
 adding a lovely splash of color too
Made them all and dropped them off at school 
 it is such a bitter sweet time for us
 our son is
graduating from High School and soon will be going off to college
Where does the time go?
Thank You Teachers for all you do

romantic saying for today
"Our hearts are entwined yours and mine for all eternity"



  1. well you are a sweety and a teacher's pet I bet. HOW in the WORLD does TJ Maxx do it? Those are the cutest darn things! I want some!

  2. Pam, this is so lovely. My daughter has her 1st herbs growing and is just thrilled to see them each day. Come on over and enter my jewelry giveaway. xx's

  3. Wow! I wish I was one of those very, very lucky teachers. I know they will be thrilled.


  4. Pam, guess that was a blessing in disguise...because that looks GORGEOUS!

    Nothing says sincerity like fresh flowers, and frugally done, too, right from your lovely gardens!

    WELL DONE, ma'am~!

  5. Pam,
    Love this arrangement.I don't know where the time goes.But it does go way to fast.

  6. What a delightful gift! I know what you mean about mint, but your patch does look very pretty among the lavender and of course its always nice to pick a handful for bouquets and cocktails!

  7. These are so pretty! The teachers must have been thrilled! How lucky you are to be growing such beautiful roses! I'm just learning!

    Happy Mother's Day!



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