Hi Everyone
 Happy Monday

There is no place like 
It is so wonderful to be back home 
To sleep in our bed 
and get back to the routine of our lives
Back to making breakfast in the morning for the family
feeding our animals
 walking in the garden
{the foxglove bloomed while I was gone}
Catching up on laundry 
does it multiply by itself when Mom is gone?
Traveling was so much fun and a whirlwind
 but  I am so grateful to be back
there really is
 no place like 

romantic saying for today
"The best thing to hold onto in Life is Each Other"
Audrey Hepburn



  1. I agree!!! There is no place like home. I didn't know you had a cat. I love my cats. Looks like you had a fun time in Texas. Welcome home!

  2. Beautiful photos and cute, cute cat.

  3. Latte girl looks so cute in her special chair:)
    miss you!

  4. Pam,
    I agree there is no place like home.It is always fun to travel.But always good to be home.

  5. The older I get, the more I love home

  6. Welcome home, Pam!

    Glad you made it back safe and sound.

  7. Hi Pam - I love your kitty. I bet he / she missed you lots. My dogs go crazy whenever I come back from a buying trip. Yes, I agree with you: so wonderful to come home. As much as I love traveling, there is no place like home :-)
    Cheers from DC,
    Tone on Tone

  8. Hi Pam, I used to be on the road 204 days a year! I know exactly how you feel! I love coming home and walking thru the garden and just chillin with my 3 girls~dakota missy and roxy! I adore that picture of your kitty~Have a beautiful week~xok

  9. I also love coming home when I have been away. I notice things that I take for granted. Lovely that your foxglove bloomed!!

  10. The best part of any trip is always coming home-welcome home! :) chris


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