Living with Wicker

 Hi Everyone
Happy Wednesday
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White Wicker furniture
The very first piece of white wicker I purchased was this little vintage desk
 I bought it for $46 at a auction
 seemed like a fortune at the time
It went with me to college and back again
Now it has been
 in every room in our house
 even in the the kitchen at one time
{ We even used it at our Wedding}
I remember my room mate had a huge ugly heavy dark wood desk  
which I talked her into letting me paint white  
Wicker it is light and airy easy to move around
 this wicker desk has stood the test of time
At the moment it is in our bedroom next to a chair that I found on the side of the road 
with a free sign on it 
 Every  spring we always take all the wicker furniture outside 
 spray it down giving it a good bath
 Then we add a  fresh coat of white paint to keep it looking 
fresh and clean
 We have  several white wicker treasures in our home
Wicker moves around fitting into every room
 and even looks fabulous outside too

A little white wicker tray  
is the perfect spot to show off  favorite found shells and beach glass

Living with wicker 
adds a charm and beauty to any home
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romantic saying for today
"One word frees us from the weight of life that word is love"



  1. Pam,
    What a gorgeous post! I too love wicker...it's so timeless and something about it just grabs my heart. I love all your pics...your home is lovely.
    Blessings & hugs,

  2. The question is how do we live without wicker?

  3. LOVE your wicker.

    I would love to have a little cottage that I could do up all girlie girl with pinks and light blues and wicker and tea things and just wallow in it.

    BUT I have to remember I have a mate and cannot do that. I have my "spaces," but we stay pretty neutral mostly.

    LOVE your wicker, and if I ever get my dream porch it is all gonna be girlie and white wicker and mine mostly.

    I LOVE you got your pieces for free or cheap - that $46 is a GREAT investment, you have definately paid for it with all your loving use! Even in your wedding? How awesome is THAT!!

  4. Love your pretty pieces of wicker. I love wicker too, and have several nice pieces. My daughters room was all white wicker when she was little. Now, I keep craft supplies in the dresser, and put plants on the shelf unit. On Mother's Day, hubby and I went antiquing, and he bought me a vintage wicker baby carriage! I will have to post pictures after it's painted.


  5. Love white wicker and so happy to find your blog-now I'm your newest follower!!

  6. One can never have too much beautiful white wicker in one's home, Pam! I love your sweet desk and awesome chair! :)

    xoxo laurie

  7. You have some really yummy wicker pieces! I have a real weakness for the old stuff. It wears like iron!

  8. love white wicker. very nice

    barbara jean

  9. I love all your white wicker! It's all lovely and especially the way everything is displayed.


  10. What beautiful pieces! Wicker is wonderful!


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