White Ironstone and hydrangeas

Hi Everyone
 Happy Monday
Here are a few of the hydrangeas 
that were cut from the garden
to put around the house

the variety of colors in this years hydrangeas
Hydrangeas look  beautiful in
~White Ironstone~ 
 this large  vintage white ironstone pot
 filled with  pink hydrangeas
A Small white ironstone pot with a tiny  hydrangea sprig

Large or small 
hydrangeas and white ironstone 
are a beautiful and classic combination
so wonderful to have the hydrangeas blooming
so early this year
Look at the surprise I found in the backyard for Mother's day
Its perfect!!!!
 doesn't it look relaxing and fun
linking for Show off your Cottage Monday
Today the first shipment of vintage treasures arrives from Texas can't wait to show you

romantic saying for today
 "Only you carry the key to my heart"


  1. I absolutely adore Hydrangeas. I have lots of them, love how they are all different colors depending on the acid in the soil. Pretty post!

  2. I wish I could grow them, but it is too hot here in Texas. It takes about 3 years to get them established enough that they don't burn up. I love, love your hammock and I can't wait to see what you had shipped from Austin.

  3. Oh oh oh!!! I LOVE your new hammock, Pam! It's just beautiful!!!! I had to pin it to my "Wish List". :) And of course, there's nothing better than hydrangeas in white ironstone. Yum! :)

    xoxo laurie

  4. Pam, What a beautiful Mothers Day gift! The ironstone and hydrangeas are so pretty together.


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