Drinking Water

 Hi Everyone
Happy Monday
Do You Drink 8 glasses of water a day?
Last year our family decided
to try to drink more water
8 glasses a day
Seemed simple enough
But It was not easy at first we were all  so used to
drinking diet sodas
and fruit juices 

The first thing we did was put the water pitcher 
on the table in the morning
with a few slices of lemon

The Water  was insight 
 it was easy to just pour a glass

 Guess what
it became a habit
We now have the water pitcher on the table 
first thing in the morning so we can each grab a glass
of water
{I still have a cup of coffee in the morning too}
and it stays there getting refilled throughout the day
We rarely drink sodas or fruit juices anymore
and the benefits have been 

Clear and vibrant skin
more energy and 
great breath
easier food digestion and weight loss too
We even stopped ordering sodas or juices 
at restaurants

So grateful for this simple change that turned
into a big family lifestyle change
Now we all
drinking water
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romantic saying for today
"Life is a Love song, sing it"
Sai Baba



  1. Every morning I have a huge glass of warm water with the juice of a whole lemon! It gets your bowels working, keeps your skin clear, and gives you good vitamin C. It is a great habit to get into. A beautiful post!


  2. I have been drinking alot of water for sometime now, but at first it was hard. I decided to use a glass that held 16oz of water and than I only had to drink 4 of the glasses instead of 8. It worked for me. I still hate water though.

  3. I love your water idea...I just might start doing that too. When something is in plain sight you tend to be aware of it's value. Good idea! I've just become 734 follower... I hope you will come over and follow me too when you get a chance. Love day to you! xoso Sandy

  4. OOPS...that was suppose to be LOVELY day to you...my mind is going faster than my fingers. I'm sure you figured it out. xoso Sandy

  5. Oh I hate water:( I drink so much Diet pop and I know it is so bad for me. What to do what to do.

  6. Great idea! Being a dental hygienist, I have always limited my children's juice and soda intake, and it has really paid off. They drink a lot of water and prefer it overall, especially if they are playing hard and are thirsty. Their occasional "treat" is an "emergen-c". I love the idea of putting out a pitcher with some lemon slices, I will have to try that one.


  7. What a great idea! I loved your "little" comment about the coffee though, my morning cup is tea :) A recent (and first time) bladder infection has got me drinking water like crazy now. I don't ever want to be sick like that again!
    Beautiful photos as always :)

  8. I agree fully with you! That's what we do every day!
    And we are in a very good form!
    Hugs, Barbara

  9. Just discovered your beautiful blog! Love the water pitcher idea...it's so much prettier than all those water bottles I find around the house, too! Love for you to pop on over to Swede Dreamer if you get the chance~
    Warm blessings,

  10. I try but I end of doing it at the ed of the day and have to pee all night - lol. Jenn

  11. That is something I've been meaning to do for many years now! I've never been a big water drinker - except when out on a hot sunny day or when I used to sing for hours on stage. Last year, I started drinking Vitamin Water - not sure just how healthy THAT is, but that's my start. I'll have to try out the pitcher/lemon trick - If it looks pretty, chances are, I'll be more likely to drink it haha! Thanks for sharing!!!

  12. Wow what a lesson to all of us! thank YOU for sharing this with SOYCM... very instructive. I shall try to the same.... setting the pitcher on the table it has surely helped.


  13. We are big water drinkers! I like the pretty way you start your day with it though!

  14. Thank you for posting this.Because of this post we are all (as a family) drinking more water.What a great idea to put it out there.And the lemon is very refreshing.


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