White Vintage Kitchen


 Hi Everyone
Happy Wednesday
Having a white kitchen enables
almost all vintage treasures to look right at home

 This very heavy 
cast iron
~vintage soap holder~
is no exception
 When I bought the soap holder
at the Urban Barn in Escondido
I was going to use it in our new bathroom addition
{still in progress and a big mess}
Now we are all so happy 
it fit in the kitchen
 White vintage cast iron
was made to last forever
 Its funny we did not have a bar a soap to put in the soap holder
we were all searching for one but
we only have liquid soap

This vintage velvet violet hat pin 
looks cute until I  can get to the store for some pretty soap
linking for White Wednesday

romantic saying for today
"Our Love is pure our love is sweet our love grows more with every heartbeat"


  1. The violet hat pin is a great decorative touch. I love cast iron. This is a simple, but beautiful piece.

  2. I would have found something to do with that cute piece, too. Good idea with the violets. xo Jenny

  3. How cute! I love your little vintage soap holder. I think you placed it in the perfect spot!

  4. Had to chuckle at your soap comment....never realized that we only have liquid soap around here until we were at Grandma's and my little boys didn't know what a bar of soap was....
    Mrs. B.

    p.s. I love your decorating style! It inspires me!

  5. Luv this piece, Pam! Perfect for a vintage bath or kitchen! :)

    xoxo laurie


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