Hi Everyone
Happy Saturday

Amaryllis bulbs have never been one of my favorites
Maybe it is because of  their name
it sounds too much like a armadillo to me
a friend gave us one 

I have to admit I ignored this bulb at first
 Each day it opened a little more 
 surprising us with its beauty
my Husband even commented on it
 Elegant and graceful in this 
vintage enamelware bucket
With a beautiful hint of color
that got  pinker and prettier each day

 It has been a joy to watch
the beauty unfold
and has us all completely smitten
Regardless of its name
its a beauty

grateful for the thoughtful gift and a renewed interest in these pretty bulbs
linking for Pink Saturday

romantic saying for today
"Together is better in Love"



  1. pretty pink saturday love bulbs!

  2. Oh my, that last photo is amazing!!! I also noticed that we have the same dining room chairs, except mine are blue. :)
    I planted some paperwhites right around Thanksgiving, and am still waiting for them to gain height & bloom. But what fun when they do!
    Happy weekend,

  3. Pam, your amarylis is just gorgeous!! I used to have one every year but I haven't had any the last few years. I'll have to remember to get one next year. Enjoy it!!

  4. Oh the joy of visiting blogs on weekend, everything you see is gorgeous and sweet. I love it!

    Come see my PINK, when you get a chance. Have a great weekend!

  5. Loved seeing your home and looking at the budding amaryllis. I have grown one only once.

  6. Your amaryllis is certainly a stunner....l really enjoyed looking around your blog it seems your love flowers is as big as mine.

  7. It is beautiful! Special all alone. xo Jenny

  8. Oh, Pam...che post meraviglioso...quell'Amarillys è delizioso così come la tua casa!
    Felice 2012!!!

  9. I also had a pink amaryllis this year and I think they are so cool to watch open. Yours is beautiful.

  10. So pretty. We got my grandfather a potted bulb one year at Christmas and he loved watching it grow and get ready to bloom. Enjoy!

  11. Happy Pink Saturday & New Year. That's a great post and sentiments. I'm wondering, did the room with the fireplace start out to be a dining area or did you transform it to one? Beautifully thought through and done! Great view too. Jenn

  12. What a beautiful flower! I've never seen one in this color - gorgeous! Hugs, Leena

  13. I am growing one right now and some paper whites:) They were half off at home depot so I thought why not. Ilove them!! So pretty in Jan when I want spring:)


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