Vintage Porte Couteau

Hi Everyone
Happy Friday
Do you know what this is?
When I first found them I had no idea what they were
I just thought they were fun 
After doing some research
I found out they are
 Porte Couteau  also known as
a knife rest
sounds prettier in French
It is used at the table to rest your knife so the tablecloth does not get dirty
this idea 
I have a feeling a women thought of this

 I found a dozen of them all matching

along with these two sterling silver napkin rings
and a pretty crystal bottle stopper

In the Victorian era most crystal knife rests matched the families glassware
that idea too

Knife rests were made out of porcelain, silver and even wood
What a fun and romantic vintage treasure to collect
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romantic saying for today
"If you would be loved ,love and be lovable"
Benjamin Franklin



  1. I did not know this! Interesting...and you captured such pretty pictures of it. It really sparkles!


  2. How interesting, Pam! They certainly add a bit of blingy sparkle to your table. :) Lovely!!!!

    xoxo laurie

  3. I actually do know what that is--got some at Goodwill the other day. I like them just for the pretty value--though they are kind of useful!

  4. I've seen them, only a few, but never heard the French name for them. oh la la! just gorgeous! thanks for joining in for VIF! xoxo

  5. Oh, it's so pretty! when i first saw one a few years ago - i thought it was a vintage rattle for a baby! (giggle) xoox, tracie

  6. killer!!! i wish restaurants still used these!

  7. gorgeous sparkly photos ... and such interesting history .... thanks so much for sharing this .... fascinating .. hugz x

  8. Pam, The knife rest are beautiful and how lucky to have found a dozen of these.

  9. Your flowers and crystal are just so pretty. This would be a great post for Fresh-Cut Friday! I hope you will think about joining in. :)

    Happy New Year!

  10. I did know this but your explanation and pictures are very pretty!
    Blessings My Friend,

  11. I love the knife rests...especially useable when you use a tablecloth and you wish to put your knife down between bites...it was never considered proper to have the knife tip rest on the edge of the plate...the tip rests on the knife rest instead of the tablecloth...they also add some sparkle to the table along with the crystal glassware...they are wonderful to use at your fancy special dinners, when you are using your best dishes and glassware...I am a new follower of yours

  12. They are beautiful in crystal! Thank you for linking it to Home Sweet Home!


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