Thanksgiving Decorating

Hi Everyone 
Happy Wednesday
Thank You all for your wonderful comments regarding the mixer
Yall convinced us to get one !!!
Every Thanksgiving 
I like to make something homemade for our dinner table.
This year I came up with a fun and easy idea
Instead of place cards I put together little candle holders
with a shell backing and 
the initial of the person at the seat 

Super easy to make all you need is
a small glass jar
 20 gauge wire
alphabet stickers
  a shell
Twist the wire around the top of the jar then 
cascade it to make two mini hooks on the back 
almost like a plate stand then just place the shell on the back
 adhere the letter and put the candle inside

The jar  is tiny and had  jam in it from a restaurant
{a few are from room service when I was flying}
the wire and the shell  are from Michaels
I have a few more projects I am working on for
{I can't wait to show you}

I found this wonderful vintage metal tool box 
{yes I painted it white}
 great to keep all my project materials together in one spot
and its cute too
Can't wait to see our
Thanksgiving table
with all of the candles lite this year
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  1. I like this! That wire idea is clever. There are all sorts of things you could put on the easel, and inside the jar!

  2. What a wonderful idea!! I also love the shell Christmas tree you have behind the jars. Did you make that?


  3. What a great idea! I love how you used the alphabet stickers and the shells! And your tool box is perfect for stashing projects, what a great idea:) Happy WW!

  4. CUTE cute cute, Pam! :)

    xoxo laurie

  5. hi pam... so happy to connect with you... and i love this decorating idea...
    and i agree derek's sister julianna is darling and super sweet i met her last year... talented and amazingly lovely... xo

  6. Now that you've been convinced to get the mixer...you must go to Un Amore Designs, Nicole Dinardo and her unbelievable up-designs on mixers! They are absolutely phenomenal. She did one for Pioneer Woman. Visual aplenty! Have fun!

    I'll be on my way to Rancho Santa Fe from Orange County on Friday. I'm going by my usual favorite haunts on Cedros...


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