Kitchen Appliances

Hi Everyone
Happy Monday

Do you  have hidden kitchen appliances
you know the ones I am talking about they are stuck 
in the back of the cabinet the ones
that you don't even remember that you
bought  like .....

 The Chopper
 The juicer
 The salsa maker
The ice cream maker
the snow cone maker
 the crock pot
 the toaster oven
the Panini maker

all of these appliances and gadgets were stuffed in our kitchen cabinet
 I can honestly say we have used the crock pot , toaster oven
and the panini maker more than once
but the rest of these gadgets have not been touched in years
  They are now on their way to the donation bin at Goodwill
Here is where I need your help
I am trying to decide if I  really need one of these....

 ~ Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer~

While making cookies this weekend
my Husband suggested we get one
Do you have one and do you use it or
does it sit in your kitchen cabinet with all of the other neglected unused appliances?
I do
that it comes in white
All your comments will be appreciated
I hope y'all had a weekend filled with joy
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  1. I'll take your juicer if you really are getting rid of it! I let someone borrow mine years ago and haven't gotten it back. I like my Bosch mixer MUCH better than the Kitchen Aid. I have had both and to me there is no comparison! The Bosch holds a lot more and it doesn't have that big middle thing that makes it messy to pour things into. Just my opinion!;)

  2. Hi Pam.
    I bought a Kitchen Aid mixer last year on sale and then had buyers remorse..it was an awesome price I just wasn't sure I would use it enough...Well my friend kindly gave an old stand mixer of hers and guess what..I used it all the time. so much so that it has pretty much given up the ghost.
    The Kitchen Aid was on sale a few weeks ago and I went out and got one...I just love it..not only is it totally functional but it looks great too.
    My oldest Daughter who is a big baker has had one for years and just loves it.
    I guess my advice to you is do you bake enough to warrant the price? And if you do then I highly recomend the mixer..Hope that helps Frances

  3. I forget to mention I returned the first one story doesnt make sense without that information haha sorry Frances

  4. Well, I have pretty strong opinions about kitchen appliances - don't want 'em, no place to store them, etc. exept those I use often. I do have a Kitchenaid. And it sits on my counter all the time. I use it weekly. Even have the shredder attachment. Wouldn't and couldn't be without it. It's a long story - but it has been a life saver for me. Have fun deciding.

  5. I have had my Kitchen Aid for almost 30 years and wouldn't know what to do without it. I do lots of baking and cooking and the motor is so much more powerful then other mixers. You can get so many accessories for it too..pasta maker etc.

  6. Pam, this is the BEST counter appliance ever. I love mine.

    Barb ♥

  7. Lets see... since I'm a gadget collector, I can commiserate but the one thing I truly love is my stand mixer. Now mine is vintage (white) from the 1950's that I bought at a garage sale for $25.00, but it has it's original bowl, plus I also bought a stainless bowl. I use it all the time. So I would say yes, it's a good investment because they last forever if Joe wants to get it, go for it!

    p.s. Can I have the ice cream maker? :)


  8. Pam, I have a Kitchen Aid Mixer. I love it. Makes baking so much easier. We bought the meat grinder attachment and we grind chuck and round steaks for our hamburger meat. Its so simple and easy.

  9. Thank goodness I have a large walk in pantry to store those appliances I use once every couple of years.
    I got a kitchen aide for a wedding present..love it! It use to sit out but I do have it in the pantry to pull out when I need to...we have alot of cabinets but not much counter space.
    It also has wonderful attatchments you can get.

  10. Get the KitchenAid mixer. Now. Run.

    This made me laugh because I recently empties out my whole kitchen for some remodeling. Most of it is still sitting in my family room because I love how clean and uncrowded my cabinets are! Besides all the appliances, I must have 52 platters and 45 bowls. And they are ALL cute!! I need a pantry! :-)


  11. I have had my Kitchen Aid stand mixer for at least 35 years. I've always kept it on my counter, where I use it constantly! Couldn't do with out it. Anytime I have changed curtains or moved, I always make a new fabric cover for it - keeps the daily dust out of it! Sally

  12. I have a blender that was a wedding gift 10 years ago and still in the box! I love my Kitchen Aid mixer. Also a wedding gift! You'll love it!

  13. I just have a mixer that gets put back into its metal bowl container with the mixing gadgets and put in a drawer. I don't use it a lot and, for me, it would become a dust collector until I got tired of it on the counter. Then it would wind up in the back of some cabinet! I recognize some of those little guys though. My hubby is great for picking up all these gadgets that we never use! : )

  14. Love my stand mixer...but...it sits on a shelf that (swings) rises out of the cupboard and swings back down. I don't want to see any appliances on my countertops. I know the in-cabinet mixer shelf brackets are readily available! It is one of my favorite things in my kitchen after my big farm sink! I am 5'3" and the shelf is lower than the countertop and I really love that about it, too. Highly recommend this installation.

  15. Yes, I love my Kitchen Aid mixer. They last forever, lol! Mine belonged to my mother-in-law and I've had it over 20 years and I don't know how long she had it before that.

    I use it for whipped cream or to mix up banana bread or basically anything I'd use a hand mixer for. I love it because it's hands free!

  16. I have had my kenwood since the day I got married which is about 24 yrs ago! I use it all the time to make cakes, cookies as I can rub the flour and butter together, which is a job I hate doing by hand and it also makes dough with the dough attachment. Really I wouldn't be without one but it really depends on how much you like baking.. take care, Maryann

  17. What a fun post Pam.
    You have prompted me to take stock of my gadgets and I realize that I have already jetisoned the yohurt-maker, sandwich iron, fondue pot etc. etc. So, I really do use the gadgets I have. My absolute top kitchen machine is my Kenwood. I could never part with it.


  18. Ok, the Kitchen Aid is a must. There are attachments (like we need em) that let you do all sorts of things (pasta, grind meat, etc...) I honestly do not use these attachments but I put my kitchenaid right behind my food processor and coffee maker as needs in the kitchen.

  19. YES, I will tell you I use mine all the time, and I have had it for more than ten years and it still runs like new... Now I will tell you that mine is not the one you can buy at the store, I got lucky and got a $500.00 one for $75.00 only because the person who wanted to sell it had NO idea what she had.. But anyway do get one you will love it.. I use mine for everything.....

  20. I invested in a kitchen-aid several years ago and I'm glad I did. It helps a lot with the Christmas cookie baking. I, however, love all my crockpots-I have them in various sizes and use at least one of them every week. I also have a Breville toaster oven I couldn't do without-I can even roast a whole chicken in it! I'd give up my micro-wave before I'd give up that! Kathy

  21. To answer your question YES.My husband bought me one about 15 years ago.I still have it and use it all the time.It is the best mixer.Makes baking cookies so much easier.I also use it when I make cakes as well.If you bake you will not be disappointed.

  22. This was so funny! My hubs had three juicers!! I gave one to the kids...and we have the George Foreman grill, the waffle maker, and the giant crockpot and the mini crock pot and the blender...the list goes on ..

  23. HA! I know what you're saying, Pam! You should see the graveyard of unused appliances in our basement. lol! We do use our Crock Pot lot; probably once a week especially during the cold months. And my blender I use for my protein shakes. :) I'm not a baker by any means, so I can't give you any advice on the mixer. But that white is soooo pretty!

    xoxo laurie

  24. Yes, my vote is that you need one. Mine is white, too, and it is one of the two appliances that I leave on my counter. The other is my Keurig.

    Most of all of those other appliances are now gone thanks to redoing our kitchen earlier this year.

  25. I have everything Kitchen Aid....

    I have them out where they can be seen, and yes, I use them all!
    In fact, just yesterday, I was preparing a post about my kitchen. Coming soon!

    Ciao Bella
    Creative Carmelina

  26. I love my Kitchen Aid mixer! I leave it on the counter all the time because it is so PRETTY!

  27. get it so we can do tons of baking over thanksgiving!!! Im thinking we make homemade pumpkin pie?..but buy a store one as a backup as well becasue you know our baking skills...haha love you!

  28. Have a pink Kitchen-Aid and use it alot. My only complaint is the thiness of the pain, chipped two spots!!

  29. I'm an appliance junkie....I buy them and they sit and collect dust. One day I will put them to good use,

  30. I read your post and the comments and had such a chuckle. My husband just bought a blender with a lot of attachments for individual shakes. Will we use it? Who knows? The kitchenaid mixer is one item that will go in our remodeled kitchen. It's sharp looking and it is useful.

  31. I use my red Kitchenaid mixer at least once a week. I love it! :D Buy one!

  32. Absolutely get the Kitchen Aid mixer! I've had mine over thirty years and I love, love, love it. (It is white!)
    Just read your blog for the first time. You have a beautiful home.
    Happy mixing when you get your Kitchen Aid.
    T Coffey in Florida

  33.   Awesome tips. I’ll be passing this post on for sure


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