Hi Everyone
Happy Saturday

Our kitchen was filled with 
sunshine this morning
   Enjoyed a hot cup of coffee
in my pink Mom cup

My husband says my cup looks more
like a bowl
but I only fill it up half way !!! 
a few times

 We are baking cookies
for the Veterans day celebration
at our Son's  High School this coming week
 ~So Grateful~
to all the Men and Women 
who sacrifice so much for our freedom

a morning filled with sunshine 
and baking cookies with family
sharing for

 romantic saying for today
"I have loved you from my very first breath"


  1. Che amore che è la tua cucina!Amo la tua tazza rosa e i barattoli d'epoca!Rosetta

  2. Such pretty pictures. Your cannisters with the vintage decals on them are darling!

    Have fun baking cookies!

  3. I think the canisters are so vintage looking. I remember putting strawberries are a set I had.

    Great pictures Happy pink saturday

  4. This is so sweet for Pink Saturday! I love the cup...it's a little retro! :-)


  5. Pam, It is amazing to me that your pink cup is called your "mom" cup and here's why - A few years back a gave a speech at a large church tea party. It was titled, Talking Teacups. I used about eight very different from each other tea cups each representing a different type of person. I used one that looks exactly like your pink cup. I used it to represent people like my mother - a soft color and surface (gentleness), no showy pattern, (no formal education, her influence was private, but she served many people,etc.) I used another cup all cracked and had chips, representing age and hardknocks, etc. but was still beautiful and useful and loved, etc. I used a cup with no saucer (lost mate, but the cup serves its purpose. I had already planned to do a post on my blog with the same idea! I hope you can see it when I do.

  6. I love all your country French influences...just returned from France so it's all fresh on my mind too!

  7. haha...love the pink cup :) xox
    dont burn the cookies like i did the other week!!!

  8. I love your pink cup!
    What a beautiful morning you had.
    Enjoy the cookies too :)

  9. I am late getting to my Pink Saturday...adventures..there's just something about topping your week-end off with lovely PINK eye candy...and getting to know you through your blogs...God Bless and have a great week!


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